Tomorrow .. Showing 2016 budget vote

1512 2015
Parliamentary Finance Committee and the Committee of governmental costly and developed from the prime minister the final touches on the draft budget law next year for presentation to a vote at Wednesday's meeting, at a time when Iraq's exports will rise from oil, which depends budget on revenues mainly to about 3.4 million barrels per day in January 17.2 percent up from the previous month.
Member of the Finance Committee MP Sarhan Slevana stressed that the 2016 budget that put up for a vote tomorrow, noting that the remaining differences on them will be completely bypassed during the remaining period.
He revealed Slevana, in an interview for «morning», for «deduction accounted for 3 percent of the staff and the salaries of retirees include all staff in the whole of Iraq and distributed at a rate of one and a half percent for the crowd and popular one and a half percent go for the displaced», indicating that «these deductions will provide budget worth trillion dinars
In turn, he stressed the decision of Parliament Niazi architecture Ihsanoglu Showing budget bill to a vote at tomorrow's meeting, but he went to it will not be passed because of some comments on them.
He explained Ihsanoglu, in a statement to «morning», that «the dispute over the budget of the Peshmerga respect to assignments as part of the Iraqi military system», noting that the Kurdistan Alliance «calls for them to be independent of their financial».
Ihsanoglu pointed to «lack of clarity in the amount of oil exported across the region to Turkey as well as allocations of Basra, which has returned to $ 5 per barrel, and the popular crowd allocations are inadequate despite Add trillion them».
Parliament, which noted that «the Council will continue to hold its meetings until the adoption of the budget» the decision, warned that «the legislative recess of the Parliament no longer have only a short period», pointing out that «the deduction of 3 percent of employees and retirees a precautionary measure will no longer be needed in the event of higher prices or exports

Oil ».

When he announced the parliamentary finance committee member Haitham al-Jubouri to agree on most of the paragraphs of the financial budget for 2016, noting that the proposed deduction of 3 percent of employees and retirees will cover the salaries of the staff of the Kurdistan region also.

He said al-Jubouri, in a statement received «morning», that «most of the paragraphs of the budget have been agreed upon among all the political blocs through their representatives in the Committee

Finance ».

Jubouri added that «the proposed deduction of 3 percent of employees and retirees will cover the salaries of the staff of the province as well», adding that «deduction allocated to support the popular crowd».

On the other hand, trade sources of oil, which depends on the budget revenues mainly said, citing a preliminary program for charging that Iraq plans to export about 3.4 million barrels per day of crude from the southern Basra harbors in January, up 17.2 percent from the previous month.

The sources added that Basra Light crude will lead the increase in exports next month as it may export up to 2.65 million barrels per day, up 24 percent from the previous month.

The sources said that Basra heavy crude exports will reach in January 750 thousand barrels a day, unchanged from the level in the month of December


A spokesman for the Oil Ministry, Assem Jihad, announced last Saturday, said the ministry aimed to increase Iraq's production of crude oil to 4.5 million barrels per day in the middle of next year 2016.

Jihad said, in a press statement: «we are working to reach this amount», indicating that «the cost of producing a barrel in Iraq does not exceed the $ 10 but the problem is the low price and this will reflect negatively on imports of the state».

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