Parliamentary Economic Abadi calls to obtaining debt worth more than one billion dollars owed ​​by the mobile companies

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12/15/2015 16:25
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Long-Presse / Baghdad

The Economic Committee in the House of Representatives, confirmed on Tuesday that mobile phone companies the city to the Iraqi government $ 1.4 billion from fees and fines for environmental violations, and called upon the Prime Minister Haider al-Abadi to obtain these amounts, called for the reduction of irregularities mobile phone companies.

Said committee member olive-Dulaimi during a press conference held at the parliament building and attended (range Press), "The mobile phone companies Bzmtha debts and dues to the Iraqi government did not comply with Baavaiha worth billion and $ 400 million, which amounts quite a few that will contribute in supplying the central treasury." .

She said al-Dulaimi, that "those amounts is a fee and fines for environmental infractions because those companies did not comply with health conditions," indicating that "among those offenses non-implementation of the Ministerial Order to remove 450 towers for mobile phones for violating health conditions."

She Dulaimi, that "the Council of Ministers decided to impose a 20% fee on the scratch cards to go into the treasury of the Iraqi state, but that this increase after the implementation went into the pockets of the mobile companies," asserting that "the government has remained silent and did not take any action on it."

She drew Dulaimi, that "irregularities companies caused cancerous disease approved by the international and humanitarian organizations working in Iraq, the lack of commitment by companies legal distance between the tower and the last published randomly in all cities and regions, especially near schools and in densely populated residential neighborhoods."

And demanded al-Dulaimi, the Prime Minister Haider al-Abadi "put an end to violations of the mobile phone companies and forcing it to pay what Bzmtha of debt and financial dues to the treasury of the Iraqi state, as well as forcing it to remove all environmental waste to protect the lives and safety of the Iraqis."

The Association of Information and Communications attributed, in (11 October 2015), was delayed mobile phone companies pay what Bzmtha of debt, for the existence of differences concerning the manner of payment and not "abstain" with him, and while confirming that they need for decision allows those companies to pay their debts dinar instead of the dollar, the lack of influence in the local market, government and demanded a parliamentary decision to be allowed to pursue debts owed by the media, and the resolution of the legal dispute them.

And was a member of the Committee of Economy parliamentary Nora Albjara, has called on the government, in (the seventh of October the current 2015), the need for debt owed by the collection of the mobile phone companies, while shown that there is a judicial resolutions of the right to repay the debt, was amazed by the inability of the government to implement and to require those companies to pay their debts.

The Finance Committee of the House of Representatives revealed, at (13 September 2015), its intention to refer the debt of mobile phone companies file amounting to more than a trillion dinars to integrity, and stressed the lack of commitment of those companies the terms of the contract with the CMC, and with body criticized for not allowing the entry of other companies in the tender for the third generation service and limited to the three companies, demanded the nationalization of the telecommunications sector and the establishment of a national mobile phone company to promote the country's budget.