Finance Committee reached a final version of the 2016 budget for a vote tomorrow in Parliament
15-12-2015 03:15 PM

Parliamentary Finance Committee announced on Tuesday the completion of all of the general budget for 2016 items, stressing the budget presentation on the agenda of the House of Representatives day schedule on Wednesday for a vote.

The committee member said Sarhan Ahmad Sylvana in a press statement, that 'the Finance Committee reached a final version of the budget 2016 to be presented to the agenda of the day tomorrow for a vote', noting that 'the parliamentary Finance ended yesterday to complete all its items and put our observations on the law'.

He pointed out that 'the differences between the political blocs are still ongoing on some items', pointing out that 'unlike the Kurdistan Alliance with the rest of the blocks on the provincial portion of the budget and entitlements Peshmerga'.

He explained that the 'Kurdish blocs insist on the survival rate in the province 17 percent, and pay the dues because they Peshmerga within the Iraqi national forces', warning that 'If you do not agree to our demands, we will resort to determine the position in his time'.