Sentence to life imprisonment for employee embezzled more than 500 million dinars from a real estate Diyala

Tuesday 15-12-2015 | 9:21:21

Twilight News / Integrity Commission announced on Tuesday that the Diyala Criminal Court sentenced in absentia to life in prison serving on one of the former employees in the Directorate of Land Registry in Diyala; perpetration of the crime of embezzlement.

The Investigation Department of the Integrity Commission said in a statement responded to Twilight News, that the progress of the investigations ongoing trial led to the conviction of the criminal fugitive (Hana and Ruhr grace) the crime of embezzlement amount (523 712 485) million during her tenure as Secretary fund in real estate registration department in Diyala province.

She noted that the statements of the circle to the legal representative of the Directorate of Land Registry in Diyala supported for the crime of embezzlement, and that the employee has to leave the job after the detection of embezzlement, demanding the complaint process.

According to the department, the decision absentee judgment based on the provisions of Article 315 of the Penal Code to ensure reservation of movable and immovable property of a criminal fugitive, and give the right of the department review the affected civil courts to seek compensation.