Parliamentary Finance: Central Bank is subject to quotas partisan

12/15/2015 13:19 pm (Baghdad time)

Special - scales News
He said the parliamentary finance committee member Ahmed Sarhan Sarhan, Tuesday, that the lack of controls in the sale of the dollar in the foreign exchange auction of the Central Bank would have a negative impact on the Iraqi economy, while noting undergo Bank of partisan quotas.

Sarhan said L / scales News / "The central bank is subject to quotas and partisan consensus", adding that "the central dimensions from quotas are not only the existence of a strong government able to manage the helm of the country without quotas and consensus."

He added that the "hard currency auction has a negative impact on the current financial crisis in the country", calling for a "no-sell the dollar in a public auction and determine the amount of selling it."

He stressed "the importance of determining the amount of the sale of hard currency, making it easier to control the movement of the dollar and the need for Iraq him", adding that "the lack of controls and lawlessness in the sale of the dollar will affect the Iraqi economy as a dollar of hard currency" .anthy 29 quarters e