Immigration parliamentary calls for the reconstruction of Sinjar and confirms: become "a land without buildings"

Immigration parliamentary calls for the reconstruction of Sinjar and confirms: become "a land without buildings"
Immigration parliamentary calls for the reconstruction of Sinjar and confirms: become "a land without buildings"
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A member of the Committee of Displacement and Migration in Parliament, on Monday, the Iraqi government with the reconstruction of Sinjar, and while noting that the organization (Daash) handed the judiciary "a land without buildings," the UN High Commissioner for Human Rights confirmed that civil society organizations provided a lot of aid to the people of the judiciary.
The Commission on Displacement and Migration parliamentary, on Monday, the Sinjar district handed over the land without buildings or services, so the Iraqi government and the international community to contribute to bring it back to life, at the time indicated by the UN High Commissioner for Human Rights to the Civil organizers are Alaktar influential re Sinjar again .
A committee of Displacement and Migration parliamentary member Joseph Saliwa in an interview for the "long" that "Sinjar after liberation has become the land and not spend because of what he did to organize (Daash) out of major devastation and destruction." Saliwa He added that "the international community must have a major role in the reconstruction of Sinjar and rent formula to manage this by eliminating its people principals to manage their lives normally and do the next guarding against the risks for themselves."
Saliwa government and demanded that "The reconstruction of Sinjar and work for the return of their people who were displaced, as well as restore all the requirements of life to justice, in addition to working on the consolidation of self-confidence among the people of Sinjar suffered for what great destruction."
And between Saliwa that "Sinjar was not edited in fact, but it's handed over the land without buildings and services, or the most basic necessities of life, so there is a big Hdiat waiting for its people, and must address the fear felt by her family and dread who planted in their hearts and grief over what has been lost from their parents and their people. "
For her part, the UN High Commissioner for Human Rights member Bushra al-Obeidi told the "term" that "the Commission before before editing Sinjar to restore psychological confidence in its people," asserting that "cooperation with a number of international and national organizations to re-psychological and health-related rehabilitation of a number of people of Sinjar, Balthdida Women constantly. "
He said al-Obeidi said "coordination was also with the Ministry of Labour and Social Affairs to grant a large number of them social welfare benefits and part of them received the first batch salary of care."
She stressed that "the territorial re-qualification of Sinjar This is the task of the reconstruction of the liberated areas Fund," pointing out that "according to the vision of the reality we see that civil society organizations are the most work and influence in this area."
He called Mayor Sinjar, earlier, all Albuldian in the Kurdistan region with the help of Sinjar after its liberation from guerrilla organization Daash.
Khelil said in a press statement that "the Sinjar become a place of pride and the pride of the Kurdish nation and the world, as it was liberated in just 48 hours," but he pointed out that "there are still risks in the judiciary because of the large number of improvised explosive planted" ..
For his part, the President of the Kurdistan Regional Government Naچervan Barzani demanded earlier in Washington to help his government in its efforts for economic reform and the efforts for the reconstruction of the city of Sinjar after its liberation from the control of the organization "Daash."
A statement of the Presidency of the Kurdistan Region that "Barzani met in Arbil, US Assistant Secretary of State Tony Blinken diplomat and his entourage" ..
The statement stressed that "the US delegation congratulated the meeting, which was held in the presence of Deputy Prime Minister Qubad Talabani, the Kurdish Peshmerga forces Pantsaradtha to organize" Daash "and edit the city of Sinjar, returned higher coordination between them and the international coalition forces to carry out that process Moundz important."
He spoke Blinken for inspecting the displaced and refugee camps in the region, noting that the provincial government and in spite of the financial crisis and the war against "Daash" heavy burden, able to embrace them and provide them with the necessary services, reaffirming that the delegation will continue efforts to make the international community to provide greater assistance to the provincial government to reduce the burden placed on it. "