Integrity: we stopped wasting 331 billion dinars charged 7 thousand official Takriti salaries pensions

2015-12-14 22:24:03 | (Voice of Iraq) - Baghdad

Integrity Commission revealed, for the right to shut off the waste of public money by about 331 billion dinars was go pension salaries for about 7000 local official in Salahuddin province, including 15 member of the Provincial Council and head of an administrative unit paid more than salary.

In another context, announced the Integrity Commission, to condemn nearly 16 officers, of various ranks, the provisions of the imprisonment of four against the backdrop of corruption charges relating to a transaction entered into by the body armor and the Interior Ministry with the Ministry of Industry and Minerals.

The Integrity Commission, in a statement seen by (range) yesterday, "The teams were able to stop the waste of public money caused by local officials in Salahuddin province; prosecute because of pensions unjustly."

He said the Integrity Commission statement that it "stopped what was wastage of funds since the date of entry into force of Law No. 21 of 2008 average and up to the date of suspension," pointing out that "the amount of money spent was estimated at more than 331 billion dinars."

He was a member of the Parliamentary Integrity Committee Mishan al-Jubouri said recently that he "go back 400 billion dinars to the state treasury was acted salaries retirement fakes in Salahuddin province," accusing the chairman of the Parliamentary Integrity Talal Zobaie covering up this waste.

She stressed the Integrity Commission, according to its statement, to "take the necessary measures to recover the amounts actually disbursed and measures in cooperation with the concerned authorities of all members who have pensions they received those salaries unjustly."

The Commission noted "the existence of 7067 Alderman and my country was the disposal of their pensions under the law 21" and explained that "the amounts they were paid annually averaged 64 billion dinars, of which more than 57 billion dinars promised a waste of public money, which did not prove to the Integrity Commission membership The behavior of those salaries to them. "

He said the Integrity Commission statement that "investigations and audits conducted led to the payment of 15 members of the provincial council and head of an administrative unit more than salary (duplication and functional)."

The Commission noted that "the members of the Board of Salahuddin province has 191 retired .15 of them earn more from salary where the body has taken legal action about them, let alone taken the deterrent legal action against those responsible for the promotion and exchange of pension transactions."

And MP for Salahuddin Mishan al-Jubouri, earlier, the granting of 18400 people in Salah ad Din province of Khorasan, including the disabled and teenagers in eighteen years of age pensions as managers or procurators aides two managers.

In a related development, the Integrity Commission announced formed field teams specialized in all governorates of Iraq carry out the investigation and audit and review files of retired members of the provincial and local councils and municipal councils. She stressed the deterrent taken legal action against violators and retroactively.

The Integrity Commission that "the contract between the Ministry of Industry and Minerals and the Interior Ministry details refers to the processing for a total of 100,000 pieces armor and protective against bullets actually equipped, including 5,000 pieces only, as it turned out the failure of these shields; as a piece of iron (Plate) and not of substance Steel as stipulated in the contract. "

The Interior Minister Mohammed Ghabban revealed his ministry failed equipped and unable to return, protection shields, stressing that the Ministry of Industry and Minerals is equipped interior of this type of armor.

The Commission made clear that it "scrambled immediately after receiving news of the case to address the Ministry of Interior and inform them of the need to complete the investigative procedures in the case speed; they relate to the lives of our children fighters defenders of the honor of the nation, as well as being considered a waste of public money." The Commission and pointed out that the "exclusive jurisdiction transcends all the terms of reference of the investigative agencies, including the Internal Security Forces courts."

She pointed out that the Integrity Commission, "the Interior Ministry Internal Security Forces courts chose a way to resolve the issue, issuing achieve the Internal Security Forces sixth court ruling dated 06/16/2015 condemn team (A.a.a) four provisions of imprisonment on the basis of the Iraqi Penal Code No. 111 of the 1969 average, and the law sanctions the Internal Security Forces No. 14 for the year 2008, in addition to the death for him out of service. "

The Commission noted that "the decision of the judgment of the Internal Security Forces sixth court also long-range other officers in the ministry, they are Major General (J.m.s) and Dean (A.a.m) and Colonel (Kh.v.k) and Dean (h .h.j) and Colonel (M.m.s) and Colonel ( submitted (R.s.d) and Major (V.s.g) and Captain (N.a.h) and First Lieutenant (c. J.d) and First Lieutenant (A.a.h) and First Lieutenant (H.s.h) and Lieutenant (M.h.h), issued a six prison sentences against them according to the Iraqi Penal Code and penalties the Internal Security Forces Act.

Integrity Commission and stated that "the same court issued a ruling to open the issue of the right of Maj. Gen. (K.q.h) examination and acceptance of director in the Directorate General of infrastructure based on the provisions of Article 340 / sanctions, and open another case against Capt (A.a.k) Based on the provisions of Article 29 of the Internal Security Act sanctions.

And he confirmed that it "continues its procedures to regulate the conduct of the investigation and get the contract for processing and move the field; for the purpose of direct audit and indicating any irregularities Muslim and returned, quantities and amounts delivered, and the formation of teams of investigators to the body and Medkekayaa to investigate; for the purpose of submission to the Court achieve integrity; in order to speed decisive issue."