Council Anbar reveals the "exodus" of the elements of Daash of gray across the Euphrates River

2015-12-14 19:35:41 | (Voice of Iraq) - Anbar

The chairman of the Anbar province Krhot morning, Monday, for a mass escape of the elements of "Daash" of gray across the Euphrates River by boat and swim to occur, in escaping attributed the reason to the refraction of the organization in the city.

Krhot said in an interview to the Sumerian News, "There is a collective escape the elements of the organization Daash of gray across the Euphrates River to the island of gray areas in the north," explaining that "escape is by boat or swim."

He Krhot, that "the causes of the escape came after refraction organization Daash in Ramadi after the blows of the security forces and the Iraqi Airways and the international coalition to organize within the city."

A security source in Anbar police said on Monday, that the detachments in charge of organizing bomb attacks "Daash" and 10 others were killed in clashes with the police force of the river while trying to escape east of Ramadi.

Experiencing city of Ramadi, a military operation was launched two months ago to release it from the organization "Daash" and regain control.