Stressing that "Trebil" crossing prior to its opening security measures

12/14/2015 06:52 GMT

Agencies - An informed source revealed that Jordan stressed the security Ahtrazach dignity Trebil border crossing between Saudi Arabia and Iraq with the imminent opening of the next few days, and the increase in suicide bombings, terrorist attacks, carried out by elements of the "Daash" terror against the Iraqi army soldiers near the common border, the last day on Saturday and killed a number of Iraqi soldiers.

And for 24 source said that Jordan has stepped up security presence along the road to Baghdad leads to the crossing, the proximity of the clashes between the Iraqi army and the organization Daash in Anbar province.

Jordanian exports

Iraq is the lifeblood of the economy and trade of Jordan, and of the value of exports to Iraq billion dollars a year, and Iraqi exports to Jordan $ 178 million.

Iraq had closed the only border with Jordan expressive "Trebil," which is about 575 kilometers from Baghdad, 320 kilometers from Amman effectively in July 2015, while the militants managed Daash currently checkpoints along the distance between Baghdad and Amman.

The source said that Iraq is facing a military difficulties in securing the road to the vital crossing point for him, what delays the opening always, and declared the Iraqi ambassador to Jordan, Jawad Abbas in a press statement last month that his government had taken a decision to reopen the Iraqi border with Jordan, however, he explained that the re-opening of the crossing in front of trucks and passenger traffic will be preceded by the rehabilitation of the building, and staff may take unspecified, because of the military situation in Anbar province.

Across Kuwait

Jordan turned to export its products to Iraq via Kuwait, which allowed the passage of Jordanian trucks cross "transit" without hindrance, not a requirement of that discharged in a Kuwaiti trucks.

Jordanian exports to Iraq dropped by about 25% in the first five months of 2015, due to the repeated closure of the border, because of the security situation that has plagued Iraq.