Parliamentary reveal the most prominent financial adjustments made to the budget in 2016
2015-12-14 (Voice of Iraq) - Baghdad

Detection of the parliamentary finance committee member Ahmed Sarhan, make some modifications to the general budget for the 2016 law, which included the allocation of only five cars to protect each of the three presidencies.

Ahmed said "the Finance Committee lowered the car to protect the three presidencies only five cars per head," adding that he "was canceled allocations to fuel cars viruses Minister of the budget next year."

"The 2016 budget allocated only 16 element for the protection of each minister, was among half the allocation of border crossing points to the provinces located on revenues."

He continued Ahmed said "the Finance Committee will meet next Tuesday to formulate the general budget for the 2016 Act in its final form," stressing that "the law will present a session on Wednesday, the House of Representatives for a vote by the Council."