A delegation from the Kurdistan National visiting Baghdad

Sulaimaniyah - the morning visiting high-level delegation from the leadership of the Patriotic Union of Kurdistan (PUK) of Baghdad in order to make efforts to resolve the outstanding problems between the federal government and the Kurdistan region. He explained the deputy in the federal parliament and member of the Kurdistan National delegation Ares Abdullah that «the visit seeks to achieve two goals», indicating that «the first is Post National Conference sponsored by the Presidency of the political blocs in all its components to discuss regional and international developments and the location of Iraq, which, along with the war against Daash terrorist, as well as a violation of Turkey to violate Iraqi territory and the implications of this issue and the need to agree on a national position and one towards it ».
Abdullah added that the second goal «discuss the internal situation with the political forces and in particular the outstanding problems between the federal government and the Kurdistan region and the need to be addressed and consensus on critical solutions including re-building confidence between the parties and unites the national front», pointing out that «the National Union delegation met with the leadership of the Supreme Islamic Council and its leader, Sayyed Ammar al-Hakim and the two sides discuss the overall situation in Iraq and focused on efforts to come up with a compromise to the problems of Arbil and Baghdad, according to the program, the delegation will also meet with the political forces of the other National Alliance for the same goal ».
Asked whether the delegation will meet with the Vice Forces Union Abdullah said:« Of course not Can omission of any national forces », pointing out that« the delegation will meet with all political forces that shape an actor in the political process without exception for one ».