Abadi refute the allegations .. Ankara and prepared «pure fabrication»

BAGHDAD - morning - Cairo - Isra Khalifa refuted the prime minister, Haydar al-Abadi, allegations that Turkey, which claimed the government's approval on the entry of troops into Iraqi territory, stressing that those rumors «pure lie» and while the new Iraq's right to take various ways to protect its territory, said The armed forces and the popular crowd and clans, who taught a lesson terrorism in the tournament, will not accept «sovereignty Thelmtha Turkey». The government's position of rejecting the Turkish incursion into northern Iraq, met disapproval broad public, voiced by Iraqis yesterday, when blared their throats on the occasion of sovereignty, Hajph that process, and demand the departure of the Turkish troops immediately. Government to move the broad and popular, accompanied by external movements, was to provide Iraq , a formal complaint against the northern neighbor, to the UN Security Council, claiming violation of the provisions and principles of the UN Charter, a complaint which received a quick response by the Council, expressed by his boss for the current session Samantha Power, when stressed «the need for the approval of the Government of Iraq to the deployment of any troops on its soil ». exiled Iraqis for the third time in a row, denied the prime minister, Haydar al-Abadi, the allegations of the Ankara government, which claimed the approval of Baghdad on the entry of Turkish troops into Iraq, stressing that such gossip,«
pure fabrication ».Ebadi said in a televised speech: «Iraq is our homeland who underestimate the sake of our souls and our blood is exposed to a flagrant violation of its sovereignty by a neighbor, it is our right, but we have the duty to take all necessary measures to protect its sovereignty and territorial integrity actions». The prime minister, said Iraq would take all measures and legitimate ways to protect the land and sovereignty of the homeland, indicating that «our armed forces and the crowd popular and clans who provide enormous sacrifices to defend their homeland and their sanctities desecrated Daash and those who stand behind them, but defending the sovereignty of Iraq that Nick does not accept that the notching». He noted Abadi, zero tolerance in the performance constitutional and national duty to protect the country and defend its security and sovereignty, safety and territorial integrity, pointing out that Iraq, wire, so far, peaceful and diplomatic means, and the granting of neighboring Turkey a deadline to withdraw its troops did not close the door to dialogue, adding that the government sought to wire all roads diplomacy marked by the use of brotherly and friendly countries, international organizations and countries, to indicate the violation of the sovereignty of the country clearly process. respect for sovereignty and stressed the Prime Minister, that the measures taken by Iraq were not directed against neighbor Turkish brotherly people, pointing out that Iraq has not only «respect for its sovereignty ask and territorial integrity and the withdrawal of Turkish troops, because their presence has not been a formal request, no oral or written »adding that« citizens Turks who are in Iraq will remain guests of the Iraqi people and our duty to protect them and their property ». He said al-Abadi, said that« the sending of Turkish armored forces without government approval Iraq is no help against terrorism, it is a flagrant violation of Iraqi sovereignty, and not on Iraqi territory today Armored any country except Turkey military forces and without our consent or knowledge, and all that is said otherwise pure fabrication ». The new prime minister, emphasized that Iraq did not ask from any country to send ground force will not accept it never, and that Iraq had enough of men heroes in our armed forces from the army, police and bombarded with all sorts and our security and private and a counter-terrorism and volunteers from all over Iraq and from all factions, and its components ».He stressed Abadi, that all Iraqis, various Perigord and affiliations, are united in the defense of sovereignty and the rejection of the violation caused, and that the Iraqi government emerging from this people rejects this flagrant violation of the rule, pointing out that all the political forces and religious references and circles and international organizations support us strongly in this national and legitimate position. The Security Council condemns Furthermore, Iraq submitted an official complaint to the security Council to condemn the Turkish incursion, met with a quick response by rotating his boss, US Ambassador to the United Nations Samantha Power, which confirmed the legitimacy of Iraq summoned foreign troops into its territory. him Permanent Representative of Iraq in the UN Security Council International, inviting Iraq's presidency of the Council to hold an emergency meeting on the Turkish incursion in the north of the country. The Iraqi delegate, Ambassador Mohammed Ali al-Hakim, in a letter to Samantha Power US ambassador to the United Nations Security Council presided over this month: «We call on the Security Council to demand Turkey to withdraw its troops immediately, and not to violate Iraqi sovereignty Again ». For its part, the main Bauer confirmed in a press statement« Following the receipt of the Iraqi complaint, saying: «It is very clear that matter is not resolved», referring to the bilateral talks held by Iraq with Turkey over the incursion. and renewed Bauer, the Security Council's position «on the need for the approval of the Government of Iraq to the deployment of any troops on its territory». He also pointed out that Washington has further emphasized its commitment to the continuation of the dialogue between the governments of Turkey and Iraq «in order to reach an amicable way out of this difficult situation». broad rejection In support of government positions, it expressed many of the political and popular circles, denounced the incursion of Turkish, expressing its full support to government directives aimed at taking out those troops from northern Iraq. where Delegation of the Patriotic Union of Kurdistan (PUK), during a meeting with President of the Supreme Islamic Iraqi Council Ammar al-Hakim, refusing entry Turkish troops to Iraq. According to a statement of the Council that «a delegation from the Patriotic Union of Kurdistan, headed by Mullah Bakhtiar, leader of the Patriotic Union, expressed through the judicious meeting, its refusal to enter any force for Iraq under the pretext of fighting terrorism». For his part, said al-Hakim, said that «the Turkish incursion in Iraqi territory without the knowledge or consent of Iraqi government is unacceptable. Iraq and Iraqi security their forces and the crowd and popular Peshmerga and the Iraqi tribes proved during high ability to liberate the land of Daash »». In the meantime, the price of the head of the change in Parliament, Hoshyar Abdullah, guidance issued Prime Minister Haider al-Abadi to the Foreign Ministry to lodge a complaint to the UN Security Council on the Turkish incursion in Iraq, calling for an end to any foreign interference either from Turkey or from others.Abdullah said in a press statement that «directives Abadi filed a complaint UN Security Council about the incursion Turkish in Iraq is a step very correct, resorting to legal solutions in such a case is the correct procedure, it is legally does not have any justification for this Turkish violation of Iraqi sovereignty «adding« that all foreign interference is unacceptable, whether Turkish or Turkish «. International pressureFurthermore, political analysts stressed that the Turkish military intervention in Iraq violates the sovereignty and exacerbate internal tension occurs strained relations between the neighboring countries. He said the Iraqi legal thinker Abdul Hussein Shaaban that any regional external or international intervention in Iraq's internal affairs damaging to national sovereignty and thus lead to the creation of a sort of tension in the region, calling for international pressure on Turkey to withdraw its troops from Iraq. He said Shaaban, in an interview with «morning», that «foreign interference in Iraq is unacceptable, but what was the knowledge and coordination with the Iraqi government to unite efforts in the judiciary on terror », pointing out that« contradictory positions between the federal government and the province can be damaging to the home front ». He said Shaaban that« Iraq is now busy fighting terrorism on behalf of the countries of the world, including Turkey, which physically exhausted from this war », stressing the need to «Iraq resort to pressure on Turkey to withdraw its troops and stop interfering through the Security Council and the General Assembly of the United Nations and the forces of the Alliance International». For his part, Egyptian writer journalist Joseph Ayoub: that Turkey is facing a major crisis, after its involvement in the overthrow of the Russian military plane and design Moscow punish Ankara, entered with the Iraqi government in the face after he demanded Baghdad to withdraw its forces, noting that the noose has increased about Turkey closer trilateral cooperation between Egypt, Greece, Cyprus, and the Declaration appears to be Siqlq Turks frequently, especially after the confirmation of the leaders of the three countries on the importance of strengthening trilateral cooperation in various political, economic and cultural fields and tourism. denouncing the popular and widely Meanwhile, thousands of demonstrators, Saturday, in Baghdad and a number of provinces, on the occasion of sovereignty, denouncing the entry of Turkish troops into the province of Nineveh, demanding to bring the Turkish troops from Iraqi territory. saw the demonstration, which attended by a number of political, national and cultural icons, among them the leader of the popular crowd Hadi al-Amiri, raising the Iraqi flag and banners and slogans calling for the unity of Iraqis in their position rejecting any foreign intervention affect the sovereignty of the country, and demand the UN Security Council to intervene for the withdrawal of Turkish troops from Iraqi territory immediately. chanted The demonstrators, slogans deplores and condemns the Turkish government to send soldiers and troops to Iraqi province without coordination with the Iraqi government, as well as raising them placards reading «Erdogan, you coward, O Americans client» and »not for the presence of foreign on the land of the holy sites». Secretary General of the Badr Organization, and a leader the crowd PDF, Hadi al-Amiri, said during the demonstrations, that factions «Islamic Resistance» will resist any project aimed at the unity and sovereignty of Iraq, reiterated his defiance of rejecting the presence of any foreign power. Amery said in a speech in Tahrir Square as «the supreme body of the factions of the Islamic Resistance» « We will stay adhere to our position of rejecting the presence of any foreign power on the sacred land of Iraq »saying« we will resist any project targeting Iraq's unity, sovereignty and dignity ». He praised Ameri b» noble positions of religious authority in preserving the unity and sovereignty of Iraq ».