ťAbadi: We are fully aware of the daily oil exports to Kurdistan and prices of its sales volume

Abadi side of a meeting with the Parliamentary Finance Committee on 12 - 12-2016 - Z p Twilight News / male member of the Finance Committee in the Iraqi Parliament from the Kurdistan Alliance Masood Haider on Sunday that the head of the federal government in Baghdad, Haider al-Abadi had told them that he is well aware of the daily oil exports to the Kurdistan Region as well as the size and sell them at prices per barrel. The MP said Haider in his profile on the social networking site, he was among those present for the meeting held Abadi with the presidency and members of the Finance Committee, in which he discussed the 2016 budget, and has also been addressed to the financial allocations Kurdish Peshmerga forces. And the transfer of MP-Abadi was quoted as saying, "It is a constitutional standpoint, the federal government is responsible for all of Iraq, and I am concerned about the delay in payment of the territory salaries of the staff, and we are informed fully and aware of what is issued by the Kurdistan Region of crude oil, the prices of its sales, and introduces him of imports monthly financial As a result, we can not deduct from the rest of the provinces and give them lots of territory. "
And on the allocation of the Peshmerga forces Abadi stated that "the Peshmerga forces part of the defense system in Iraq, but legally it is linked to the region and to meet the requirements and needs of those forces is the responsibility of the province."

The MP pointed Haider that "next year, the same current will not be sending any amount of the budget to the Kurdistan Region."

The Abadi had met in his office on Saturday, the President and members of the Parliamentary Finance Committee in the presence of First Deputy Chairman of the House of Representatives Hamoudi, according to a statement issued by the Information Office of the Prime Minister.

The statement said that during the meeting to discuss the financial budget for next year and coordination between the executive and legislative branches to meet the economic and financial challenges faced by the country.

The statement quoted Ebadi as saying that "the constructive dialogue between the government and the House of Representatives a process that will overcome the problems and challenges, particularly in the preparation of the general budget of the country because the real resources of the country fell by 60 percent and the government budget preparation so that reduce the deficit to acceptable limits, which have been working with the inclusion of items in the budget. "