Parliamentary Energy accuses the government of delaying the approval of oil and gas law

Khandan - accused in the oil and energy parliamentary member, the central government Ptokherha send oil and gas law to the House of Representatives, while confirming that "the law needs to be more than just be the law of political consensus." He said the Commission on oil parliamentary member Tariq friend "The draft oil law and gas reached the House of Representatives in 2007 and continued to two, but the government in 2009 amended the law and become a new draft law and the Committee of oil took both projects and recorded some notes on them and then sent to the Government for consideration and access to the final of the law as a result. "he said in a statement to the newspaper" New Morning "that" since 2011 to Alan Parliament waits for the government to send the draft new oil and gas law, "noting that" sensitive law stems from some of the articles of the Constitution (111-112), "asserting that" the law needs to be more than just be the law of political consensus. " . He asked "the government in conjunction with the political parties and the Ministry of Oil to send oil and gas project of a new law for consideration by Parliament and then presented to the agenda", adding that "the law is the reason for delaying the government."