Recommendations for the development of clear policies to support domestic product

Recommended symposium held by the Iraqi Federation of Industries under the slogan (the domestic industry a key pillar in supporting the economy and the Iraqi Security), a number of recommendations, notably the exemption of incoming raw materials in the paper and printing industry from customs duties, as well as to call for a resolution of the Council of Ministers not to Copyright out of Iraq and without line with government recommendations to support the private sector exceptions.
It also included recommendations urging the inclusion of paper industries sector of new loans, and the application of industry support the implementation of laws, in addition to accelerate the establishment of completed industrial cities studied because of their impact in stimulating industrial investment and moving the business .
reflected the great importance of this industry in the life of the human being concerned with health through various health products, and other related industry as it provides packaging for industrial product requirements, as well as on the deployment of culture through the provision of book, magazine, and newspaper.
This vital sector suffered from a number of obstacles represented stop private industry for production due to past policies, what lose the country's economy tributary head of the work, along with the lack of raw material, namely, (paper, cardboard) despite the presence of the paper plant in Basra and plant cartoons in Maysan, and allow government departments to print all publications outside the country such as the Ministry of Education, Ministry of Justice and others.
At the seminar, many of the problems faced by the paper and printing industries by the audience and the development of solutions to eating, including the non-application of the General Secretariat of the Council of Ministers and the Economic Commission, which stresses the need for equality of government tenders and support buy local product instructions , the imposition of taxes on raw materials used in the paper and printing industries and exempt full manufacturing products, as well as lack of industry support the implementation of laws such as (product protection, consumer protection, customs tariff, etc.).
also led to follow the open market policies (dumping) and non-industrial sector's ability the competition, and the lack of printing companies and Stamps large and sophisticated, along with the lack of policies to support the product exported to the decline of this industry, weakened investor presence in this important sector.
He recommended to attend the need to oblige ministries to apply the General Secretariat of the Council of Ministers Supreme Economic Commission, which stresses the need for instructions Equality between the private and public sectors to government tenders and support buy local product.
They also stressed the importance of forming a crisis team to restart the laboratory of Basra, Maysan, includes representatives from the board of advisers, and the Ministry of Industry, and the Federation of Iraqi industries, to bring foreign investors in the production and marketing in order to provide raw material used in industry , stressing at the same time to develop policies to support the national product is exported.
The participants called for the amendment of laws that are harmful to the industrial paper and graphic sector legislation (Implementing Regulations of government contracts, budget) law, as well as the application of Article 24 of the budget for 2015 and the special self-funding for the staff.
Article (24) from the federal budget for the year Law 2015: «When you transfer an employee of the Chamber of the State centrally funded self or to the private sector, bear the ministry or organization is not related to the Ministry half his salary received by the transferee including the department for two years from the date of transfer that cut off his relationship with his circle of final »