Analyst: dispensing import consumer goods from Turkey does not lead to the problem

Economic analyst David Guest, confirmed that Iraq could be dispensed with for the import of consumer goods and non-economic material from Turkey, as well as the private sector imports. Said Zayer told all of Iraq [where], "We can stop the biggest of Iraq source which Turkey worth take advantage of up to 10 billion dollars and stop the import of non-economic goods that does not depend upon Iraq, which are consumer products [use my house] All these goods Iraq can do without the presence of infrastructure and industrial base Iraqi production and filling the need of this material. "He explained that" the strategic and construction materials such as power and water, and strategic projects should be taken to the next stage, it is assumed that the government resolving this matter. "He stressed Zayer" The private sector can do without All imports for the time being ", pointing out that" it could lead to a crisis, but it pays towards the advancement of local industries.
"He added that" Iraq had a ten-year siege did not enter him any material imported and did not seem, what's the problem that sacked one source is import from Turkey. I think there will be no problem.
"The Ministry of Commerce officially announced Thursday, the elimination of trade attaché Iraqi Embassy in Turkey.
The Ministry of Planning last Thursday, said that" trade with Turkey size of from 10 to 12 billion dollars a year. "
and between ministry spokesman Abdul Zahra al-Hindawi, for [where], that "most of the materials imported by Iraq from Turkey food products, clothing, electrical appliances".
"experiencing the Turkish-Iraqi relations strained against the backdrop of the deployment of Ankara on the fourth of this month, military forces on the outskirts of the city of Mosul northern Iraq.
Iraq had announced Friday that he decided to make a formal complaint to the Security Council against Turkey for violating the provisions and principles of the UN Charter.
The Iraqi government said in a statement that the prime minister Haider al-Abadi request of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs to act to make a complaint to the Security Council and discuss the issue of Turkish incursions into session It closed noting that al-Abadi also requested that the distribution of the complaint as an official document.
He called Abadi, the UN Security Council to "ensure that all means available for immediate unconditional withdrawal to recognized between the two international borders and not to repeat such unilateral actions that harm to international relations and offers regional security at great risk." .
The Iraqi government described the deployment of Turkish troops on its territory "to work hostile" and considered it "a violation of the sovereignty of Iraq," calling on Turkey to withdraw its troops immediately.
For his part, the Security Council declared, receiving the complaint Iraq against Turkey for violating the provisions and principles of the UN Charter.
The current President of the Security Council, Ambassador United States to the United Nations Samantha Power, "The Permanent Representative of Iraq's UN Ambassador Mohammed al-Hakim, submitted a letter to the Council expresses its concern Iraq escalating over the situation," indicating "It is very clear that matter is not resolved," asserting the Security Council's position "on need the approval of the Government of Iraq to the deployment of any troops on its territory ".