77% out of cash liquidity for the banking system due to lack of confidence

​Called economic expert on behalf of Jamil Antoine to restructure the organization and development of the civil government banks and methods of work in accordance with modern foundations in line with the requirements of the market economy. Said Antoine told all of Iraq [where], that "the banking system is the backbone of the economy in any country, and if this system intact and deal well with the home it leads to an economic system properly."
He added, "The banking system was intercepted mistakes and shortcomings great challenges he faced because of the separation of administration from the capital and the domination of some bankers and capital to the banking system and harnessed to serve them, which led to a loss of confidence in banks.
"He continued," rather than a banking system inspire confidence and be a magnet for investment, Pat banking sector Iraq suffers from a reluctance to deal with it by citizens, prompting people to deposit their money in their homes, "noting that" some banks are today unable to pay the market need and the citizen.
"He called Antoine" civil and government banks to restructure the organization and development of methods to work according to modern foundations in line with the requirements of the market economy. " Uncertain "This step reform need to be important and serious political decision to implement it."
He added, "The central bank has tried to contribute in the development process by providing 5 trillion dinars and 1.5 trillion another dinars for loans to small and medium enterprises, agricultural and industrial sector and housing projects, but hit the big handicaps of the most important of rampant corruption in state institutions.
"He revealed," The lack of private banks sector confidence and the reluctance of the private sector to deal with it cause the exit of 77% of the cash on hand from the banking system.
"He continued," We have proposed to open letters of credit in accordance with the vacation import pass Alkmarki through the system and remarks Kmarkip to all who wish to obtain hard currency for the purpose of import, in addition to the activation of the tax system to control the exporting currency abroad ".