Dhi Qar intend to amend the ages of conservative Fund Act

Expressed by the Finance Committee and the economy in the province of Dhi Qar Council, its intention to fund the reconstruction of amendment Conservation Act in line with the transfer of powers.
Committee Chairman Rashid Serail, in a press statement that "the Commission is currently working on amendments and additional clauses on the age of the province Fund, which recently approved the law, in line with the transfer of powers to the provinces law."
"The amendments focused on the preparation of the province's budget and the opening of a private accounting departments out, "pointing out that" the monthly revenue that combine the fund through fees and taxes which are estimated at 50 million dinars.
"He pointed Serail that" this revenue acted within the doors of several among conservative circles as a support her, including health and Heart Center, in addition to the allocation of salaries for doctors anesthesia and a number of security services, the airport and other departments.
"The House of the province of Dhi Qar, decided earlier in advance of the establishment of the reconstruction of the province fund for the collection of fees from the government where departments.
The Prime Minister Haider al-Abadi said during his presidency of the ninth meeting of the Supreme Commission for coordination between the provinces, which was held in the province of Babylon in 16 of the last month, the government's commitment to the transfer of powers to the provinces in accordance with the Constitution and the law and government program, stressing "the necessity of activating the role of the provincial councils and not to disrupt the work because of political differences adversely affect the work, as the actors councils where the best services" .