Planning is divided into categories of investment projects and looking for financiers

Considered the official spokesman for the Ministry of Planning Abdul-Zahra al-Hindawi, Sunday, that borrowing from local banks and international important step in saving Iraq from the economic crisis.
He said al-Hindawi's / scales News /, that "the Iraqi economy Mazad worse is the drop in oil prices, in addition to the large number of projects is implemented this Majolh invoked to put to borrow from local and international banks plan".
He noted, "The most important processors developed by the Ministry of Planning on investment projects is divided into task groups and less important, and was deleted 200 projects in progress and the postponement of more than 6,000 projects for being impacted negatively on the economy, as the ministry searched for financiers for projects that exceed the percentage of completion where 50 percent. "
Hindawi and between "the need to activate all sectors, whether tourist or agricultural or industrial through the five-year plan."
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