Tamimi: reducing the budget allocations of the three presidencies in 2016

Announced that a member of the parliamentary finance committee Majida al-Tamimi, a reduction of allocations of the three presidencies in next year's budget in 2016. Said al-Tamimi, in a statement received by the agency all of Iraq [where], a copy of "The 2016 budget has seen several amendments, including with regard to Presidency of the Republic, as included reducing the grades of the Under-Minister of the class [a] of 49 degrees to 17, and Category [ b] from 23 to 14 degrees and careers. "She added that" balancing the Presidency amounted to about 54 billion dinars, after making cuts it, "pointing out that" the private cars of the three presidencies set by the Finance Committee with five cars each, and the minister in three cars, as well as agent Minister and Director General it identifies them with two cars. "It showed that" fuel and maintenance costs will be spent from own salaries not borne by the state budget, "adding that" amendments of the three presidencies has been agreed and voted on final within the Finance Committee.
"confirmed Tamimi" The Committee will hold its meeting on Monday to discuss the increase Mozanta the popular crowd and displaced persons, in addition to finalize details of the budget of ministries.
"The prime minister Haider al-Abadi, discussed with the parliamentary finance committee of the general budget, stressing lower the country's resources to a rate of 60 percent, after he presided over the House of Representatives Salim Jubouri, a meeting of the Knesset Finance Committee, during which they discussed the completion of the general budget for the year 2016 project, and develop appropriate solutions to the obstacles and problems they face, and the form in which it fits with the general reforms.
It is said that the House of Representatives, has ended in its meeting on the 22 of last month's discussion of the draft 2016 budget law while the Cabinet reshuffled them to reduce the deficit, estimated at 22.7 trillion dinars, the equivalent of 21% of total expenditure compared to the expenses of 106 trillion dinars.
The head of the parliamentary finance committee Faleh in force there, "a reduction in the non-oil revenues more than one trillion and 700 billion dinars," alluding to "the completion of the budget discussion with the Ministry of Finance and all the concerned authorities and the completion of discussions over the next five days."
For her part, member of the Committee Majida al-Tamimi, said the amendment the government on the budget cut total spending five trillion dinars to be 101 trillion dinars.
According to what she said Tamimi Van The new deficit reduction in the size of the budget will be 17 trillion dinars and constitute 16.2% of the total Almoisnh.