Russia put one condition to support the independence of Kurdistan and hopes to dissolve the dispute with Baghdad

Erbil-Iraq-Presse December -13: Russian Consul General in Erbil, said Victor Semakov that his country pay attention province of Kurdistan, and put one condition to support independence. He said in an interview Semakov satellite interview with Kurdistan 24, that a condition of his country to support the establishment of an independent Kurdish state. And on the desire of the Iraqi components and especially the Kurdish component separation and independence from the central authority of Baghdad, revealed Semakov his country's position, stressing that it will support the decision of the Iraqi people, but her condition his country in this regard. He added that such an issue should be decided by the Iraqi people and declare what Aradoh, pointing out that his country will support any decision taken by the Iraqi people in this regard, provided the absence of foreign interference behind him, as he put it. On the reason for developing this condition he stressed that Russia as a permanent member of the UN Security Council, has always supported abide by international laws. He said that if he decides a particular component of the Iraqi people and without any foreign intervention boarding alone and separated, then the Russia as a permanent member of the UN Security Council to respect this decision, adding that the only requirement is to have that desire for the component itself is not for other countries.
Semakov also reiterated for the third time on the requirement to issue a decision for the Iraqi people, without interference from the vast and foreign countries.

Semakov He noted international issues relating to separation and independence and international recognition, explaining that Washington recognize the independence of Kosovo, but that his country does not recognize it yet, pointing out that behind this situation, one reason is that Russia dependent on international laws.

He noted that it is known that Kosovo was part of Serbia and declared its independence illegally, before the declaration of independence was Almtojb a referendum to a poll of the people in Kosovo.

He added that Washington now dealing with Kosovo as an independent state, but that his country does not support this independence because he is not abide by international laws during the separation.

He Semakov to that he spent one year of age in the province of Kurdistan, expressing his happiness and his presence here is the same members of the Kurdish community.

Semakov said, that "this month saw the provision of military aid to the region, as well as strong Russian presence in the war against Daash in Syria and help the forces that Tnahih," stressing that "such assistance were clear and concrete," he said.

He denied that his country's aid be limited to the Kurds and said, it's "The Iraqi government also included," explaining that "his country does not support Arbil alone nor Baghdad alone, but it helps state called Iraq within the international legal frameworks."

He added that "his country believes that it provides aid to Arbil and Baghdad are making their best fighting the strength together against Daash".

He also expressed his belief that there is still hope of resolving the problems between Erbil and Baghdad, pointing out that the Kurdish and Iraqi leaders informed and empowered figures they could deal again and save the unit described solve their problems.

He said he had great love for the Kurdish people is very close to him, pointing out that the people of "open and conscious" and that during his experience in the region, it compares Almottagdmh.anthy countries.