House of Representatives is hosting the foreign minister to discuss the Turkish intervention and finish reading one law

2015-12-13 23:45:24 | (Voice of Iraq) - 13 December

Guest House of Representatives forty-fourth Minutes normal, which was held under the chairmanship of Dr. Salim al-Jubouri, President of the Council and in the presence of 217 deputies on Sunday, 12/13/2015, Mr. Ibrahim al-Jaafari, Foreign Minister to discuss the Turkish intervention in northern Iraq, while finished reading one bill.

At the outset of the meeting President al-Jubouri referred the request from the 50 deputy and containing the approval of the MPs from the holders of the title of professorship and their assistants, doctors, consultants to provide volunteer service in their areas of expertise, to the Legal Committee to study the constitutional dimension of the request and prepare a legal formula for submission to the House of Representatives.
MP Ali Shukri applicant that Iraq has a great shortage Palmlakat teaching and specialist medical noting that the deputy when he took office prevented from performing any other work and volunteer.

Council and hosted by Mr. Ibrahim al-Jaafari, Foreign Minister in a public call to discuss the Turkish intervention in northern Iraq.
At the outset of hosting Mr. Jaafari stressed that the relationship with Turkey is characterized as responsive geographic, history and harmony of the facts since the fall of Saddam's regime, as well as being a positive and good and the interests of the multiple and complex relationship interfere with the internal and regional situation.
Mr. Foreign Minister, said that Iraq's relations with neighboring countries and the world painted on the basis of non-interference in the internal affairs and not to engage in the policy of regional hubs pointing out that Iraq has set conditions for the intervention of the international coalition against terrorism.

He noted that early Alshahralhali saw the entry of tanks and armored cars in a depth of 110 km to hand Bashiqa, getting the message denouncing the Turkish ambassador and tell him to reject any violation as the National Security Council asked Turkey to withdraw its troops noting that the State Department has made efforts to contain the crisis through contact with the Minister Turkish Foreign who has promised not to send new troops but was told of the importance of the withdrawal of Turkish troops immediately.

And between Mr. al-Jaafari he said a delegation Turkey held dialogues in Baghdad and Abulgnah the withdrawal of Turkish troops immediately to contain the crisis with Ankara, noting that the delegation promised the Foreign Ministry with good initial approval after informing the Turkish leadership, but the results came out the expected, prompting Iraq to an emergency meeting of Arab foreign ministers asked as well call for senior members of the ambassadors of the five countries on the Security Council who supported Iraq and denounced the Turkish intervention.
The Foreign Minister pointed out that efforts have remained constant with all countries, including Arab countries that responded to the Iraqi vision that what happened was a violation of sovereignty, stressing Iraq's desire to strengthen relations with the various neighboring countries and the world, provided that no violation of Iraq's sovereignty as a red line, explaining that Iraq did not cost Russia to speak on his behalf in the Security Council or enter into an alliance with them.

In interventions Ladies and Gentlemen Representatives of quitting MP pointed out that the State Department delayed the announcement of the Turkish intervention inquiring about the possibility of reconsidering the strategy of the Convention with the United States.

And it demanded an MP, but Talabani embrace Iraq to the Turkish Kurdistan Workers' Party for his role in the fight against al-Daash, wondering about the Iraqi position of Turkish President Recep Tayyip Erdogan's remarks on the failure to withdraw its troops from northern Iraq.

He called MP Izz al-Din State to adopt the methods of diplomacy and rational balanced solve the problems with Turkey.
He asked MP Ali al-Adeeb of the fact there is no signed between Iraq and Turkey agreement on the presence or the presence of Turkish forces before the fall of the former regime until now.

For his part, praised the MP Awad al-Awadi to the Iraqis agreement to prevent the presence of Turkish troops on Iraqi soil, calling for the adoption of political and economic solutions and to resort to the UN Security Council pass a resolution to punish Turkey.
MP Ammar Tohme of support of Iraq for his condemnation of the Turkish states to intervene formally to declare their positions.

And MP Dhafer al-Ani, the need for the government to clarify the extent of its ability to reassure Turkey that there is no danger of being threatened by Iraqi territory to prevent them from interfering in the internal affairs.
And Zainab al-Tai MP wondered how science and Defense Minister existence of Turkish troops in the camp Ba'shiqah and failing to take any action to prevent those forces.

Asked Deputy Qasim al-Araji, the existence of an oral agreement with the Turkish government to participate in the war against Daash though not a member of the international coalition.
Hoshyar MP Abdullah pointed out that the presence of Turkish troops in Iraq is grave index and a violation of Iraq's sovereignty.

In response to the interventions of the ladies and gentlemen of Representatives, Mr. Foreign Minister confirmed the absence of agreement or memorandum of understanding, but there was a meeting the minutes of the May 30, 1983 and to keep pace with developments, the Council voted to cancel any agreement or document allows whereby the presence of foreign troops, adding that Iraq has no flag Turkish camp, indicating that the government was informed that the presence of the PKK is not an expression of solidarity with Iraqi or acceptance, but a security imbalance led to the presence of Daash or other groups and Turkish receptive to the issue of the presence of the (PKK).

Mr. al-Jaafari, denied knowledge of the existence of information among security and military authorities about the presence of the Turkish camp, adding that the Ministry of Foreign Affairs welcomes the diplomacy parliamentary move, stressing that the Ministry of Foreign Affairs will continue diplomatic efforts to resolve the crisis, pointing out that Iraq UN Security Council demands to condemn the Turkish intervention and appropriate action, He explained that Iraq put up with Turkish authorities the issue of oil smuggling, which the Turks denied categorically.
Mr. Foreign Minister He noted that the 48-hour deadline for Ankara's declaration about the withdrawal of Turkish troops to be followed withdrawal procedures that require more time, stressing that the international coalition calls for continuing endeavors of diplomacy in parallel with the condemnation of the Turkish intervention, pointing out that Iraq Turkey told that there is no any camps State of Iraq except in the presence of advisers or trainers are in Iraqi camps, referring to the lack of military coordination with Russia, despite identical views on most issues.

On the other hand, Mr. President of the Council announced the meeting with Mr. Defense Minister in the House today will be determined in a later date to discuss the hosting of Turkish intervention in Iraqi territory after the approval of the Prime Minister to attend Mr. Minister.
Council finished reading the report and discuss the draft University of Defense for military and law studies submitted by the committees, defense and legal security.

In the interventions of ladies and gentlemen of Representatives Rep. Luis Caro called to change the name of the university to the Defense University Military Sciences pointing out that the colleges that period of study is less than three calendar years are not considered colleges preferably partitions or institutes affiliated to the University.
He suggested MP Mohammed Naji appointed rector of the exemption before the House of Representatives instead of the Commander in Chief of the Armed Forces.

And he demanded that the MP Birwan Khilani assume presidency of the university and colleges competencies military academy has extensive experience in the military field.
The MP Abbas al-Bayati, there is no need to Language Institute at the College for the existence of private colleges and make way for the adaptation of the graduates of these colleges to take advantage of them in the Defense University for Military Studies.

And the MP Abdul Kahar al-Samarrai said the nature of the university is the scientific competence of a military, not a military university.

In its response to the interventions committees they stressed the importance of the university as contribute to the preparation of elements can take advantage of them in the war on terrorism, taking into consideration certain ladies and gentlemen MPs proposals
In another matter Jubouri President decided to allocate on Monday and Tuesday next to the work of parliamentary committees, announcing the introduction of the draft federal budget law for 2016 for a vote in the Council meeting next Wednesday.

Then it decided to adjourn the meeting to next Wednesday 16/12/2015

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