Oil Minister is keen to strengthen relations with international companies sober and expand cooperation in oil and energy fields


He received a delegation Toyo my company and Japan's Mitsui and deputy head of Italian oil company Eni
Oil Minister Adel Abdul-Mahdi, the delegations of the two "Toyo and Mitsui" the Japanese in Baghdad received. During the meeting, they discussed issues of common interest and to achieve the common interests of both sides. He said the oil minister Iraq's desire to strengthen relations with discreet international companies as well as expand the horizons of cooperation in the oil and energy fields as well as the development of the gas industry and expressed the delegations of the two companies the Japanese desire to expand the horizons of cooperation and contribute to the oil industry development in Alaracouhdhar the meeting, a number of gentlemen agents and general managers in Ministry of oil.
On the other hand, received oil minister, Mr. Adel Abdul Mahdi, deputy head of Italy's Eni Mr. Abu Bastyli During the meeting, they discussed joint cooperation between the two sides in the field of oil industry. Mr. oil minister said Iraq went to the development of relations with international companies, including Italy's Eni Tazizawasr in addition to cooperation in the fields of energy. For his part, Mr. Bastyli expressed a desire to "Eni" to expand cooperation and contribute to the development of the oil industry in Iraq, the meeting was attended by a number of officials in the oil ministry.