United Nations: We will continue to support Iraq

2015 1312

The price of the Deputy Special Representative of the Secretary General of the «United Nations» in Iraq Georgi Posten, the official efforts in the framework of the implementation of the government program, who said that he «go ahead and properly», reminding at the same time b »great challenges and obstacles still exist and can affect negatively in the application of the program »Boston. He said in a statement» Sabah »during his visit to the House of Representatives:« It is not easy to improve the general situation in the light of the great fall in oil prices .. but I am confident that Iraq will be able to benefit from the bounties of other non- oil and most important human capital ». He said, that the international organization will continue to provide all forms of support for Iraq in various fields, including in particular education, as well as «activation of foreign and domestic investment in order to improve the conditions of the country through projects that will give more job opportunities for Iraqi youth» .alambaot internationalist, also pointed out that «Iraq still face great challenges, though he biggest difficulties exceeded during the past years», expressing his happiness «follow-up to build and strengthen democratic institutions and advance the fate of reforms, and the growing strength of civil society» .ohdd Posten, the need to pass laws that support «national reconciliation» in order to ensure national reconciliation desired, indicating that «these laws will arrive in Iraq to safety, if there is popular support comprehensive have adequate safeguards to be applied». As pointed out, that «these laws will play an important role in the unification of the national ranks. . and an end to the biggest obstacle to progress in this country a sectarian risk », expecting defeat the gangs« Daash »terrorist soon and restore Iraq's full home from the clutches of Alarhab.ookd UN official at the conclusion of his speech, that the international organization« look with cautious optimism to Iraq in the next phase .. ».

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