Wasit decide to support private sector projects

2015 13 12

After announcing stops 500 industrial project as a result of lack of financial allocations, heading Chamber of Commerce and Wasit to form a body to support private sector projects financed by revenue from the province in order to absorb unemployment and increase the gross domestic product.

Said chamber Chairman Mohammed Zia ul-Insaf in a statement »Sabah»: The room in cooperation with the local government is trying to form a body under the name (to support small and medium enterprises to the private sector body), indicating that the formation would eliminate a large percentage of the lack of domestic production in the province .

He explained that the room working to be this body of rules of procedure and headquartered in the Office of the province, noting that the fund will emerge by the Authority with funding from the border port revenues in Zurbatiyah through the imposition of five thousand dinars for each truck are included through the port in accordance with the guidelines and conditions set by the board to support the local industry of various kinds.

He fairness that the province suffers stopped a large number of industrial projects, as it exceeded the number more than 525 valid projects need material support, as well as having 120 vacation to set up factories, prevented the implementation of the lack of financial resources to maintain and irregular deliver amounts of the general budget, calling Municipality Directorate Kut to the need to speed up the allocation of land to be set up by the projects, especially the owners of investment licenses.

On the other hand, it said the local administration in Wasit province, stopped working in 250 projects included in the regional development budget because of the late arrival of funds budget for the current year and the implications of the budget.

The deputy governor of Wasit Rashid al-Badri, »Sabah»: The most implemented regional development projects in the province have stopped because of the delayed benefits companies and contractors exchange for the non-arrival of funds to maintain and lack of financial allocations, noting that the stop came on the basis of Article (14 c) of the Implementing Regulations contracts Government No. (1) of 2008 amended.

He noted that the companies implementing the projects, the development of the regions in the province demanded calculates the duration of business interruption in their projects because of the late payment of financial dues, prompting a decision to stop the project, adding that the local administration to maintain instructed the relevant committees in the departments fixing the date of your downtime for each project and identify while the launch of its direct exchange, expected to lead projects to stop the economic sector and high unemployment rates affected.

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