Rikabi describes the visit members of the movement of renewal to the prime minister step good

Description of the leadership of the coalition of state law, MP Ibrahim Rikabi visit members of the movement of renewal to the Prime Minister good step.

Rikabi said in a statement to the news agency Wednesday that public opinion on Iraq is an atmosphere of democracy and the exchange of visits between the political blocs and the Prime Minister is normal, indicating that the meeting with Maliki, who was addressing the various issues and constraints are taking place in the political process.

He Rikabi said Maliki expressed his willingness to resolve the outstanding issues between the (Iraqi and state law) provided that not be the issue Hashemi including because this issue is a lawsuit and to eliminate the right to intervene only, adding that al-Hashemi will be tried in absentia if convicted because it violates the law was not respected until now accuse him of politicization.

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