US embassy confirms the absence of Washington's intentions toward Mosul

1212 2015

US embassy confirms the absence of Washington's intentions toward Mosul
It announced that the United States Embassy in Baghdad, severe rejection for "allegations of a parliamentarians" concerning the intentions of America and regional countries about the city of Mosul, while stressed the need for the Iraqi government approval for any military deployment in Iraq.
He said the embassy spokesman Scott Bowles in Pejanord to "New Morning", "The United States strongly rejects the allegations put forward recently by a member of the House of Representatives regarding the intentions of the United States and regional countries about the Mosul".
He said Bowles, that "the United States supports military deployments inside Iraq that are based on the explicit consent of the Iraqi government only."
He is explaining that "this applies to the deployment of US military forces or the international coalition forces or any other military forces sent by any state."
The Bulls continued, "We are working tirelessly with forces under the command and control of the Iraqi government in order to achieve one goal, and that is to defeat Bdaash, we succeed in this endeavor."
The Commission on Security and Defense parliamentary hosted, the first day on Thursday (10 December 2015), the Turkish ambassador in Iraq Farouk Qimagja to discuss the entry of Turkish troops into Iraqi territory from the point of Mosul, while the Chairman of the Committee threatened of quitting that the House of Representatives may take a decision, "the most influential "from the government.
And announced that the Iraqi Ministry of Foreign Affairs, that the ambassadors of the five permanent members of the Security Council accredited to Baghdad enemy incursion of Turkish troops in Iraq "a violation" of Iraqi sovereignty, asserting that their countries will support Iraq's position.
It also announced the Ministry of Commerce, the cancellation of the commercial attaché at the Iraqi Embassy in Turkey.
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