Electricity: the implementation of the gas station Samawa, 500 MW will be in partnership with the Ministry

2015-12-12 17:28:55 | (Voice of Iraq) - Baghdad

Electricity Ministry announced on Saturday that the implementation of Samawa gas station 500 MW will be in partnership with the ministry, indicating that the options will be open and not fixed on implementation contract.

He said Minister of Electricity Qassim Fahdawi in a statement Alsumaria News has received a copy of it, "The submission of the 12 companies qualified to build and implement the invading Samawa station will be in partnership with the ministry the fact that these four generating units put up and with a capacity of 500 MW are owned by the ministry".

Fahdawi added that "the company will win the contract on the construction of these units and then add two units two vehicles to become the plant of 750 MW capacity of", noting that "the contract to be concluded Seugb on the company's operation of the six units and the sale of such power to the Ministry of electricity or provide an alternative option to find the company's appropriate." .

Fahdawi and noted that "the ministry is not committed to any fixed contract option for implementation and that it is in consultation and study options for companies with our determination to be a referral within 14 days of qualifying before one of these companies."

It is noteworthy that the Ministry of Electricity held an investment conference in October, in which 12 companies participated specialist, has been rehabilitated by the technical committee supreme in the ministry to get to the final wording of a contract for the implementation of the investment Samawa station.