Sadr threatens to "intervene" if you do not address a Turkish presence in Iraq

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11/12/2015 13:57
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Long-Presse / Najaf
Threatened the cleric Moqtada al-Sadr, on Friday, to "intervene" if any party did not address the Turkish presence on the ground in Iraq, as called Sheikh Al-Azhar concern to Muslims in Burma, rather than respond to "the beliefs of the Shiites."

Sadr said during Friday prayers sermon Kufa mosque and attended (range Press), said that "everyone knows that we fought the US occupation and its allies and continue to fight a lot and was standing spectator of what is happening."

Sadr said that "the Turkish occupation today on the doors and there are points of fights and other military means," asserting that "the Sadrist movement is watching what do these authorities if they failed their duty will act after a while ''.

Sadr told Al-Azhar Sheikh said that "visibility on the screens to respond to the Shia Imami beliefs fun is unacceptable because it is a green light to organize (Daash) the killing of Shiites in terms of learning or not learning," calling Sheikh Al-Azhar to "concern with what is happening in Burma and other massacres of Muslims it The first to respond to the lovers of the people of the Messenger of Allah ''.