Maliki describes the Turkish troops that entered Iraq with «soft»
11/12/2015 15:11

(Dpa) - Description of the Islamic Dawa Party leader in Iraq, former Iraqi Vice President Nuri al-Maliki today, the Turkish military forces entered Iraqi territory in the province of Mosul as "invading forces".

He called al-Maliki during his visit to a popular crowd camps "to prepare and pay attention to the plans of the enemies who are trying to implement new projects divisive on the ground in Iraq by trying to separate the Anbar on the one hand and the introduction of Turkish troops in Mosul, on the other hand."

"The Turkey hypocrisy practiced today in the fight against terrorism and Daash because they claim to confronting terrorist groups while they support these groups secretly processed through everything you need weapons, equipment and capabilities."

Maliki reiterated Iraq's position "rejecting the presence of Turkish troops on Iraqi territory, saying the troops are invading forces and leave immediately and it will be the only confrontation on the ground and many multiple options because all components of the Iraqi people reject the presence of foreign troops on its territory."

He asked "the Iraqi people to get out and participate in the demonstrations on Saturday to reject the Turkish presence on Iraqi territory and that these events will serve as a response to the violation of trying to land and sovereignty of Iraq."