Security and Defense: Baghdad operations give up major capital cities

02.29.2012 | (Voice of Iraq) - add comment -
Baghdad / range revealed for security and defense committee of parliament Tuesday, to take Baghdad Operations Command, a decision to leave the Iraqi army, the streets of most major cities, indicating that the Interior Ministry will be responsible for the security file in all governorates of Iraq next year.

A member of the Governor Zamili in a press statement yesterday "The Ministry of the Interior will take over security in Baghdad and all the provinces early next year." said Zamili that "preparations for the process list, and will be after you finish the Ministry of Interior all attachments of organs of internal security," noting that "the forces of the Ministry of Defence, which is now the functions of keeping Security in the centers of Baghdad and the provinces, will move to locations outside the cities to take office in the maintenance of border security.

" The MP for the Liberal bloc that "the procedures for receipt of the Ministry of Interior of the tasks of security from the Ministry of Defence will be implemented after the completion of the leaders of the Ministry of Interior of the Federal Police and local police and the regiments of emergency all equipment of training, arming, and other advanced equipment. " He Zamili that "the process of delivery does not include areas that tense security or instability in the country," asserting that "the forces of the Ministry of Defense has the capability and effectiveness large to maintain security and order in the troubled regions."

He Member of the Commission on Security and Defence parliamentary "The security situation in the country much better than it was through the presence of U.S. forces in Iraq," adding that "security reports confirm reduced the insurgency largely evidence of improved conditions in the country after the departure of foreign forces", as denied the Commission on Security and Defense is in the words of one of its members about the availability of information to confirm the involvement of Iraqi officers leaking information security, told U.S. intelligence in return for money.

A member of the Committee for the Kurdistan Alliance MP Shawn Muhammad Taha there was no truth was told a member of the Alliance MP National Governor Zamili, adding that the Commission on Security and Defence does not have any information to confirm the involvement of Iraqi officers in the leak of information to third parties . was Zamili said in a statement to Radio Free Iraq that the Committee has the information to confirm the involvement of officers working in the system intelligence of Iraq and the salaries of the CIA Tsribem for information security. He noted that the announcement of the names and positions of these officers will be after the completion of the investigations conducted by the Commission on Security and Defence.

Zamili Download described Moundsin in the security services, as well as some Iraqi politicians and ex-Baathists and al-Qaeda responsible for security breaches that happen in Iraq from time to time. and draws Attorney Shawn Mohammed Taha to the possibility that there will be some of the officers for negligence or diligently in their work, criticizing at the same time the launch of the charges against the Iraqi officers and accusing them of treason. acknowledged Taha and a failure in the work of the security system the current Iraq for many reasons, including lack of coordination between devices Iraqi intelligence and weak capacities and capabilities possessed by the security services. mentioned that a series of simultaneous attacks with car bombs and improvised explosive devices targeted last Thursday of the capital Baghdad and the provinces of Diyala, Kirkuk and Nineveh, Salahuddin, Anbar, Babil, in a scene repeated more than once during the past few months, despite the assertions of Iraqi officials to erode the ability of armed groups in the country to carry out attacks by the arrest of most of its leaders and strikes many have. was Taha said Commenting on the security events that Thursday's bombing showed the failure of security and that troops were unable to grasp the reins of command, he said in an earlier statement (range) yesterday "We in the Commission on Security and Defense is always what we raise our recommendations on the security situation through meetings with the leaders of the security, but we found that it is not working at all." He was surprised Taha told security officials in the latest period escape the gunmen to neighbors, especially Syria, but he also "What happened Thursday indicator of the lack of accurate information to the security ministries. " He warned a member of the Commission on Security and Defense "if the situation continues as it is the security situation will impact negatively on the Arab summit in Baghdad." Taha and concluded that the citizen was signed between the hammer and the anvil of terrorism by the security forces launched operations against the arbitrary arrests of civilians under the pretext of participating in armed operations.

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