Iraq Stock Exchange traded more than 40 billion shares in November, worth about 40 billion dinars

Announced that Iraq Stock Exchange, said on Wednesday that in November last year witnessed 22 meetings during which deliberated 40 billion and 229 million shares, valued at 39 billion and 921 million dinars, while confirming that the Securities Commission has issued new instructions that will allow for opportunities investment and new trading similar to what exists in the global capital markets. The executive director of the market, Taha Ahmed Abdul Salam, in a press statement that "the scalability of investment and opportunities you need to make a greater effort in dealing with any economic and legal imbalances to promote actively the investment, especially in the capital market", returned to "trading indicators are still responds largely economic and security impacts in Iraq and the Middle East and the world as well as the factors that direct and indirect attraction." said Abdul Salam, that "the Iraq Stock Exchange, has seen 22 meetings during November 2015, the shares traded during which 64 out of 98 listed company in which the company ", noting that" the number of shares traded during those meetings amounted to 40 billion and 229 million shares, valued at $ 39 billion and 921 million dinars. "explained Executive Director of the Iraqi market for securities, that" the market index (ISX60) closed At first the past month sessions, the (783.280), while closed in the last session (718.640 points), "pointing out that" the lowest level of the market was in session (the 18th of November 2015), when it closed at (655.270) point " . He said Abdul Salam, that "the 83 listed company on the market company, completed the submission of data for the past 2014," pointing out that "a further 15 did not submit their data yet."
He assured the Executive Director, said: "The Securities Commission issued based on the proposals of the Board Conservatives in, an amendment to the opposite commands conditions, "pointing out that" to ensure that the company implemented opposite contracts for the benefit of its portfolio at the time of hearing the usual, provided that it is within the prevailing prices as they are defined in the instructions, and to inform the investor that.

"He pointed Abdul Salam that" FAQ New also included that in the case of low stock prices for investors, buyers of the company itself, carried out without the prevailing prices that preceded the sale offer purchase order of time not less than five minutes ", they returned to those" decisions classified as modified positive from the point of the market and investors look It allows for investment opportunities and new trading used in the global capital markets. "

The Iraq Stock Exchange, has called in (26 September 2015), to develop a "Foundation to guarantee deposits" to protect depositors and earn "" investor confidence, and proposed the launch of "investment fund national "to enhance the value of investments, and as revealed that the banking sector represents 62% of the market shares, demanded to develop a plan to overcome the international classification" bad "for the economy Alaraca.