A new plan include the sale of oil products plants

Industrial development requires, in particular, and economic in general provide a scientific basis for the measurement and standardization of methods and techniques dealt with by the Central Organization for Standardization and Quality Control as established in 1978, specialized section to this aspect, which paid special attention and issued his law number 54 for the year 1979 in order to determine its objectives, functions and responsibilities that's what reported by Msdermjul in the Central Agency for Standardization and control Alnoaah.uad Source section measurements only the central authority in Iraq responsible for the configuration and calibration of measurement used in scientific, service and production facilities and marking devices weight and measurement and double used for commercial purposes by specialized laboratories. He explained that section and through his plan to cover the calibration and inspection requirements and verifying all over the country demonstrated his activities in the examination committee and calibration stations filling in Baghdad and its outskirts, its direction was to one of the stations where the Commission has its work through calibration filling pumps and then took the meter reading and conformity with standard volumetric Kilh in order to give the license to the work of the pump on or off and prevent it from Alaml.ofatt that the work of the committees Altkjel summed up the provision of services to the citizen class basis and for the station and the public interest in order to maintain the fuel product from the waste to reach the citizen a whole lot without decrease or increase and thus maintain Everyone's rights and noted that the Committee's ongoing work in the area to go to the rest of the filling stations, repeating their work at each station of the testing and calibration of the pumps to give the license corresponding ones work and prevent work without Almtabq.okhls source added that the tasks undertaken by several committees, including the exercise of control metrological tools labeled with the legal measurement which is supposed to meet the legal requirements of mandatory their own, and used in commercial transactions and operations levy or determine the tax value and determine the price of providing service or the division of products as well as determining the quality of the product and the follow-up measurement devices used in the tests and measurements of legal and official uses in the field of measurement protect the rights and health and safety of citizens and the environment associated with follow-up to the criteria used in the processes of verification tools controlled metrological legal service of the Iraqi economy in general and the interests of citizens in Khas.tjdr it noted that the Director General of the Department of quality control in the device confirmed »Sabah» earlier that time In order to do consumer protection and the environment felt the machine agreements with international companies in the process of examination on various goods to be under Iraqi examination specifications.

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