Jubouri calls on the International Day of Human Rights for the development of a government institution to take advantage of the possibilities of retirees

​House Speaker Salim al-Jubouri called for Thursday to consider the introduction of a government institution is seeking to take advantage of the potential and experience of retired and employ their energies to serve the community.
Jubouri said during a speech at the World Day Conference on Human Rights, which was held by the UN mission in Iraq, said the celebration of the World Day of Human Rights is not a carnival celebratory Bertokolaa at a specific time imposed by a global calendar of international events, it is a constant and lasting attention we had continuous presence in the heart of the need to consolidate a culture of community and international enjoyed by the public mood and put it at the forefront of priorities in any action or decision individually or collectively.
He said the human rights situation I have experienced on a global scale swings in recent years in various areas of the hot spots, including and especially, particularly Iraq, as one of the most important geographies of conflict in the current decade, and this situation has been made worse in light of the emergence of terrorism and the growing phenomenon of uncontrolled arms, and declining ability countries to grab the lead due to the worsening infighting and the multiplicity of its forms and manifestations and the creator and unprecedented trends. "
He said al-Jubouri, "We are watching the situation of human rights in our country, we noticed actively seeking from several parties has been, and continues to have active and important role in our support to maintain the gains of democracy and state-building, which stands man at the front pillars and foundations At the forefront of those actors [International Organization] with all its effectiveness and its institutions and made sure that throughout the period of conflict to stand with Iraq to help him out of the coma awakening turmoil to stability and development. "
He will not hesitate to clarify our point of view about human rights in Iraq because this joint is not likely at all letters of courtesy and patting on the shoulders and praise the envelope, pointing out that we as an authority control officials directly responsible for the defect and corrected away from the goals of miscarriage and defamation and political purposes, explaining that he "can not us in any way to forget the forum that we made before God and the people to be faithful to the trust that Olanna our people and relied on us to protect them from any kind of damage your or the public, unaware of the size of the legal and historical responsibility for any failure in this file. "
And that "from this point I would like to Oahr quickly to our assessment of the public to the situation of human rights in Iraq to face that help us all to being aware and cooperation in order to avoid the dangers and problems and puts the international community in the form of what is going on as it came to him to help us are unable to him our capabilities under the circumstance of emergency that passes us. "
He Jubouri that the rights of women in all its details still need to be strengthened in several areas, some social and other security and perhaps even political, and SAI record in our organization cases of multiple attempts to marginalize women and the oppression and abuse of male towards them, in addition to the tragedy experienced by women in conflict areas, particularly health and service degradation and fear that is not consistent from congenital capabilities, and having to varieties of servitude in Cairo environmental conditions, such as that the suffering of the children, noting that he is "still support people with primitive and keep up with global development in the areas of services, education, treatment and integration of special needs system through social awareness, and although it has met dozens of these stones slide and found that many of them defying conditions and defy difficulties and offers creativity and insists to communicate with the community in all ways and means, which is a unique rooted in Iraqi personal creative proud state ", adding that" from this point of must be extra attention by the government in this segment and must support programs to help people with special needs by international organizations, and the House of Representatives is considering seriously bills this cherished groups of our people support. "
The Chairman of the House of Representatives that he "can not say that minorities in Iraq have completed work on their full rights owed to them given originally, but that minorities in Iraq, despite confirmation of the Constitution to maintain all national entitlements still needs more attention in the political sphere are located mostly under conquer unintended majority, and here refer to the confusion that took place in the draft national card law, which currently is the House of Representatives to be treated in line with the exposed rights of minorities him, explaining that "the Constitution stressed the equality of all citizens regardless of their affiliation and nationalities and colors and backgrounds intellectual, cultural, religious and other, and this trend we emphasize on the eligibility of minorities in strengthening its position and obtaining their rights and the protection of its kind and its presence, and the reduction of migration, calling on the international community against all attempts to strip Iraq of its factions and formations core under the pretext of protection of minorities, but by ensuring protection and granting stand Privacy for individuals away from the systematic emptying of the country's indigenous citizens, calling on the international community to help stabilize Iraq in quickly and helped to bring his sons to embrace him in a hurry, without diversity of Iraq that Iraq can not be a great depth in the illustrious history of civilizations.
He said al-Jubouri said it was important not to lose sight of the state for the rights of pensioners who have served the country in the dearest and most precious years of their lives and gave him the fruit of their age and the flower of their youth, and everyone knows that a lot of retirees are able to serve the community, including owned a lot of them of the treasures of knowledge and experience, particularly in consulting and research areas and which are not inconsistent with the physical potential, and here I see the need for salaried retirees care so as to provide decent living for themselves ensure their life comfort and tranquility and not to Agaihm to work at a time when they need to psychological and physical stability, pointing out that "the basis of this view see the need to think Choreh the introduction of a government institution is seeking to take advantage of the potential and experience of retired and employ their energies to serve the community well and I call for a review of old age pension, especially for those who wish to continue to work to serve the state and finds himself in efficiency, as well as the desire and need for the institution find him.
And on the problem of detainees in Iraq between al-Jubouri, it is still lagging behind and are looking for a solution to the large numbers are the Naqba in prison without being charged with a make us in the legal embarrassment circle in violation of the Constitution which provides for the prevention of prolonged detention without resolving the detainee files, and that's where a lot of these detainees went to stay for long periods under remand without legal face must be a clear and explicit and urgent in order to avoid this forms and this site On this occasion, calling on the Supreme Judicial Council and the Ministry of Justice to provide a leisurely clear in this context hurry in line with the Constitution and international covenants of human rights and binding Iraq being a member, and here must be to differentiate between rigor in achieving justice against the terrorists, criminals and the commitment to the Constitution and justice to the oppressed, stressing that the judicial institution in Iraq, including holdings of experience and a large history able to balance industry in this dialectical and dismantling of suspicion in which the distinction between laxity in enforcement punishment and between taking the people of the compromise and conjecture and generalization, adding that it should be a signal to what Nstalh him by the rights of victims of who have been harmed because of the criminal act or terrorist and who do not Zloa waiting for justice by the state, such as the victims of the massacre Spyker and Albu Nimr and mass executions in Nineveh and victims mass graves, where their parents still do not know their fate on the one hand and the physical as well as their rights, which provides a living for their families are still lagging behind which is a very important and dangerous.
"The aggravation of displaced people in Iraq crisis require additional effort to relief and this crisis has seen all kinds and types of breaches of human rights, above and almost turn into a humanitarian disaster with the onset of winter has been competent in the House of Representatives Committees recorded a deficit evident in Iraq's ability to absorb displaced crisis because of envelope exclusionary and this adds to the international community's new commitment in our support in this section with the emphasis on that a lot of friendly countries have helped and still had to Iraq in support of displaced persons it may have all our thanks and appreciation.
He noted that "I would like to place on record our reservations on the delay suffered by the Human Rights Commission in Iraq, especially since the government and the Ministry of Human had abolished the man and this is what adds a new burden on the Commission, which still need to be initiatives consistent with the human rights situation in Iraq, stressing that we expect them The doubling of effort in this direction, especially with the high pace of military operations in residential areas Kalonbar and Nineveh and are expected to result from disasters related to the lives of civilians, ".