Jaafari: the deadline is over and we will resort to the Security Council to stop the Turkish violation of our sovereignty

Foreign Minister Dr. Ibrahim al-Jaafari stressed that the deadline set by the Iraq the Turkish side to withdraw from the territory has ended, and would use the United Nations, and the Security Council, the Arab League and other organizations to demand to stop this violation of its sovereignty, and territorial integrity, A statement issued by his office seen Agency Nun on its version: The Minister of Foreign Affairs, Dr. Ibrahim al-Jaafari, received the US Presidential Special Envoy International Alliance against Daash gangs terrorist Bert Makourk, and the American ambassador in Baghdad, Stuart Jones, and discussed with him the developments in the political situation and security in Iraq, and the war against Daash terrorist gangs, and the violation of the Turkish forces and the Iraqi territories, and the overall regional issues, and international.

He stressed al-Jaafari that the Foreign Ministry has taken all diplomatic steps since early, and summoned Turkey's ambassador to Iraq, and handed him a protest note, and demanded that Turkey withdraw from Iraq, this procedure has promised a flagrant violation, and a move that would aggravate the bilateral relations between Iraq and Turkey, pointing out that Iraq Since the entry of terrorists Daash called for the need for the international community to its responsibility to support, and support Iraq; because it defends the authenticity of himself, and on behalf of the entire world, pointing out that Iraq's request to support the conditional approval of the Iraqi government, and coordination with them, and that the international coalition that formed to fight Daash gangs terrorist, and the author of sixty countries did not work in Iraq only after the acceptance of the government that support, aid, noting that Iraq remained keen to establish better relations with neighboring countries, and the region, and the world at all, but that sovereignty, and to enter, and encroach upon its territory is a red line.

For his part, the private international alliance against Daash gangs terrorist Bert Makourk US presidential envoy stressed that the United States encourages the establishment of better relations between Iraq and Turkey, and stresses the importance of protecting Iraqi sovereignty, and oppose the entry of Turkish troops to the Iraqi territory without Iraqi government permission, pointing out that the Ambassador United States of America in Ankara told the Turkish government to reject this violation, and the need to work to resolve this issue diplomatically.