Minister of Justice underscores the importance of concerted efforts to restore life to the provinces liberated from "Conception terrorism."
2015-12-11 (Voice of Iraq) - Baghdad

The Minister of Justice d. Haider Zamili, the importance of concerted efforts to restore life to the liberated provinces of "Conception of terrorism" and a subsidy of displaced persons to return to their areas.

The Minister said that during a meeting in his office at the ministry Thursday day on 10.12.2015, an official delegation representing the Anbar province headed by Governor (Suhaib narrator) and a member of the provincial council (Jassim honey), their accompanying delegation.

The discussions dealt with "the overall security situation surrounding maintain current military operations waged by our armed forces and factions of the popular crowd and developments edit the rest of the areas of the province of the presence of Daash terrorist gangs".

The Minister stressed the need to strengthen national cohesion between the people of the province, praising the high correlation between the provincial council and the province, which contributed to creating the necessary ground to communicate with the clans and unite against terrorism, in addition to its role in restoring people to their areas and communicate with government agencies
To provide the necessary services to them.

According to media department: he touched on the subject of re-work in the judicial circles liberated areas in the province, and the launch of the salaries of employees who have been displaced as a result of the security situation to some areas of Baghdad and the provinces safe in accordance with legal contexts.

The Minister expressed the possibility of opening a judicial circles in Amiriyat al-Fallujah area was directed an official letter from the provincial council to provide the building and protection in order to "provide judicial services to the people of these areas, taking into account the conditions of humanity difficult to have suffered as a result of the presence of terrorist groups in their areas during the past period."