Detecting the presence of Iraqi funds frozen abroad (Details)

10-12-2015 08:30 PM

Detection of the Finance Committee member Ahmed Sarhan Sarhan, on Thursday, the existence of frozen funds abroad help in supplying the Iraqi treasury if the state restored, as he emphasized that the executive branch is responsible for the failure to take legal action against the corrupt who squandered public money.

He said Sarhan in a press statement, that 'the executive branch is responsible for what occurs to the country with regard to the lack of money and the presence of frozen funds in addition to the income and not to take legal action against the corrupt', stressing that 'there frozen funds abroad countries may Iraqi state restored through missions United Nations and Mphatan international organizations and bodies to demand those rights. "

He added that 'Iraq can get frozen funds abroad that there was no legal obstacles in front of him', adding that 'this money helps to supplement the Iraqi treasury, which generates money for the country and the Iraqi people of the benefits of a large'.