Securities and Exchange Commission announced the Council of Basra for maintaining the half dues for 2015

Thursday, 10 December 2015
Committee announced its financial control and follow-up assignments in the Basra Governorate Council, Thursday, for the province to get the equivalent of half their financial dues for the current year after the announcement of the prime minister Exchange 250 billion to maintain a grant of urgency.

Committee Chairman Ahmed Al Sulaiti in an interview with Alsumaria's News, said that "Basra is scheduled to get through this year to nearly 1400 billion dinars, but got virtually 370 billion dinars, and if the exchange amount announced by the prime minister yesterday of $ 250 billion dinars, the total disbursements for the province will increase to 620 billion dinars, which is equivalent to about half of the money that should be spent it, "noting that" Basra is facing financial hardship, and it needs to amounts disbursed to complete the semi-stalled projects because of lack of funds availability to accomplish. "

Sulaiti and pointed out that "any disposal of the Federal Government of Basra funds must be spent on the payment of debt contracting companies with the local government, and should be a priority in the exchange is given to projects that have achieved rates of advanced achievement", adding that "the projects that have achieved completion rates are high include projects Under the construction of 50 new school buildings, and the construction of a project to specialized hospital treatment of blood cancer (leukemia) completion rate of about 60%, and then work it needed to stop the project to the two billion or three billion to complete it. "

The Information Office of the Prime Minister Haider al-Abadi, announced on Tuesday (9 December 2015), for Abadi approval to disburse 250 billion dinars to the province of Basra grant Express, a day after the dozens of contractors under contract with the local government near the Council and the Office of the province in protest at delays pay the dues of their company months ago.

The province of Basra has spent most of the amounts received from the federal government this year to repay debt and pay the costs of ongoing projects (under construction), where the province has not seen the implementation of new projects deserve attention, as local officials ruled out the implementation of new projects during the first half of the year Next, except in the case of agreement with the companies on the implementation of the projects, payment on credit format.