The governor of Basra illustrates the exchange amount of 250 billion projects entitlements mechanism

: 2015/12/10
{Baghdad: Euphrates News} announced the governor of Basra Majed Nasraoui from the Office of the province exchange allocated by the Presidency of the Council of Ministers for an amount to maintain the projects implemented since 2013 and below mechanism.
Said Nasraoui told a news conference on Thursday 10/12/2015 that "the debt owed by the federal government to the province of Basra this year amounting to 2 trillion and 850 billion, the local government received of which 267 billion, as well as the amount of 122 billion from the General Company of Iraqi Ports, in addition to the amount the latter declared, "noting that" all these amounts are deducted are owed money from the federal government. "
The governor of Basra pointed out that the $ 250 billion that the prime minister instructed disbursement has not yet handed over to the province, stressing that after receipt of payment Court will spend them on all the executing companies.
The governor of Basra had announced late on Wednesday about the arrival of a notice of the Prime Minister Haider al-Abadi, regardless urgent grant to the province of Basra, worth 250 billion dinars. Ended h