Parliament voted on 63 law during the current session


{Baghdad: Euphrates News} House of Representatives vote on the said 63 law during the current session, calling on the media to the need for accuracy, and professionalism in the dissemination of news.
According to the Information Service of the House of Representatives in a statement it received {Euphrates News} a copy of it, "One of the local newspapers published in the issue dated Thursday 10/12 news report titled deputies attribute the weakness to the legislative quotas in which he accused the House of Representatives a lack of legislation."
He said the House of Representatives has embarked on a legislative year for the first third of the electoral cycle 30 laws, the first legislative chapter three laws, the legislative and the second Chapter 27 law.
He pointed out that "the House of Representatives voted in the first legislative term of the second legislative year only 33 legally limit the meeting No. 43 held on Thursday 10/12/2015, with paying attention to the legislative term legislative and oversight continues its work to the day, and it is hoped that the council vote on the federal budget law for 2016 in the next week. "
He called the information department in the House of Representatives need to be media-precision and professionalism in the dissemination of news, and that Tstekayaa from official sources, especially since the doors of the Council legislator always to provide any information concerning the Council and his work; in order to cut off the road for the owners of targets diseased who buy vanities. Ended h