Department of Immigration: the allocation of half a billion dinars to the University of Kirkuk to support the displaced people and the needs of students

2015-12-10 18:54:43 | (Voice of Iraq) - Baghdad

The Minister of Displacement and Migration d. Jassim Mohammed on the allocation of half a billion dinars for the University of Kirkuk, colleges and institutes to provide the necessary needs of the displaced students and meet their needs in the province.

This came during presided over the sixty-sixth session of the meeting of the Higher Committee for the Relief and sheltering displaced people and in the presence of Chairman of the deportees and displaced and expatriates parliamentary Mr. Raad Aldhlki at the ministry's headquarters to discuss its agenda, which included the necessary needs of the displaced families and the financial allocations to be allocated by the government to the Ministry and the Supreme Committee for the next year.

The minister said during chaired the meeting that "The ministry and the Supreme Committee looks forward to the role of government and the parliament to allocate necessary for displaced families money for next year to start providing better services and enable them to live in dignity, pointing out that the financial allocations for the current year were not sufficient and affected the reality of services provided to the displaced, adding that the ministry High Commission for Relief and shelter the displaced will send a request to the Ministry of the Interior to send a ministerial committee to follow up the issuance of identity of the Civil Status of displaced families from the city of Tal Afar, who can not go to the province of Najaf to issue the identity of the Civil Status process.

The Supreme Committee also ratified the provision of all necessary needs of the displaced families in Anbar province, which includes food and in-kind assistance and winter kits in the coming days.

Saif morning
Director of the Information Department