Jubouri: Iraq faces the most dangerous stage in history, and there are those who seek to destroy the State


The President of the House of Representatives Saleem al-Jubouri, on Wednesday, nine proposals to cope with the post-stage Daash most notably the rejection of outside interference. As it called for the reactivation of the political agreement and a document with all the contents of items, ensuring that the lives of the displaced students and bring them back soon. Jubouri said in a speech during the consultative forum for representatives of the governorates (Baghdad, Diyala, Salahuddin, Anbar and Kirkuk and Nineveh) in the parliament building, and attended (range Press), "The post-Daash need for an early planning and preparation of an arbitrator in order to avoid the consequences that can result from the end of this stage, "advance" Nine proposals to confront this stage. "
He called on the President of the House of Representatives to "re-activate document the political agreement with all the contents of the terms and details and give the government enough time to implement the details," and urged the government "to act with the support of the political blocs to secure humanitarian support to ensure the safety of people's lives in the winter and initiate the return of displaced persons in the period close to nature and to end tribal conflicts through the Committee of tribal government. " He Jubouri that "it is necessary to think about an international conference in Baghdad to support Iraq by the international community for the reconstruction of the cities to provide the minimum to live in those areas," blessed "achieved these days victories in Anbar province and progress for our troops with the need to support local fighters."
The new speaker of parliament demands of the international community to "support Iraq in its war against terrorism with the rejection of interference in the internal affairs of Iraq and to emphasize the sovereignty and independence of all kinds of domination and interference and influence," he "welcomed all the friends and brothers efforts to help Iraq provided coordination with the Iraqi government according to diplomatic frameworks ". He called al-Jubouri, the government and the political blocs and references to "support and implement the demands of the people of the provinces with the need for national reconciliation begins at home and that is to deal with the objections to the other according to a just judiciary away from the political and personal judgments."
He said the President of the House of Representatives that "the occupied provinces population of Daash faced the harshest conditions and in spite of that they had a heroic role alongside the security forces and the crowd and popular Peshmerga and mixed their blood and Taaddt up their sleeves for the expulsion of terrorism from most parts of Salahuddin, Diyala and stability of important regions of Anbar."
He Jubouri that "there are circumstances real-time compression can not wait as displaced people and all indicators confirm that the displacement camps livable in the winter and we think make ensure the safety of the lives of the displaced," stressing "work to resolve the security, political and social problems and convert objector files on their return to the courts to prove or deny their relationship to terrorism and these represent only a small fraction of the displaced. " The speaker of parliament to "the formation of a political committee tribal religious shared by all the parties to the understanding on the Charter of the joint peace support of the government and with the participation of the United Nations to end the problems between the different parties," adding that "the meeting today establishes a new methodology in the internal dialogue within the same house and under one roof out of respect for the Constitution and the political process. " Jubouri and pointed out that "the meeting of the provinces of Baghdad, Salahuddin, Kirkuk and Anbar, Diyala and Nineveh in this circumstance confirms our determination to draw a road map to the provinces in order to install and liquid solutions to follow up the decisions of this meeting."
He stressed that "these provinces collected one link is exposed to terrorism Daash with that Iraq was not far from danger while the heroic stance of the people of the provinces of the south and fight the brave and bring them martyrs and wounded in this battle as the Kurdistan sons position confirms our presence all in one front."
In another context, al-Jubouri said that "Iraq faces the most dangerous phase in the modern history must exist side by side with the political strategy of military actions to counter terrorism," noting that "there is a political pending issues hampering efforts to address security challenges."
He said the speaker of parliament that "there are problems facing the state presence in Iraq and there Khandakkan first seeks to build the state and support the political process and the problem of all the spectra, and ditch the second seeks to destroy the state and the exploitation of its tools for their own purpose," pointing out that "it is wrong to classify Iraq the context of the crisis that Shiites, Sunnis, Kurds, Arabs and minorities. "