Gulf Train 'feeds the social and economic aspirations of the enormous


Preparing the Gulf Cooperation Council (GCC) to start the first phase of the project to establish an iron including line implementation, is expected to be implemented as of 2016. As these countries began to implement the initial stages of the mega project is expected, as the Member States approved the brochure comprehensive technical specifications for the implementation of the project to the stage of preparation detailed engineering designs.
And the GCC countries concluded the agreement on the operation of the train, when launched, to fly cargo first, and then will operate passenger flights since the line that will be created in mind to be able to conduct passenger and cargo flights at the same time.
It is expected to contribute to raise the train project and the development of trade between the Gulf states, and provide direct employment opportunities for the youth of the Gulf Council countries. Revealed expectations that the Gulf train will add to the revenue basket Gulf are an estimated 400 million dollars as a result of the transfer of goods imported and exported via the train.
The Saudi Arabia and the UAE the first two Gulf Tpadran to conceptualize designs and the detailed phase of the Gulf train.
Provided Riyadh officially perceptions and designs for the project train on its soil in the competition was the opening of financial bids is currently working Kingdom to end the award procedures are fully part actually inside Saudi Arabia, where the project includes the construction of the railway through infrastructure and terminals, support services and all services and facilities.
The President-General of Railways Arabia Mohammed bin Khalid Suwaiket that his country will begin to implement the project during the year 2016, explaining that "the leaders of the Gulf Cooperation Council (GCC) decision to establish a railway linking the GCC countries is a strategic decision being will contribute to the strengthening of relations between the peoples of the region, as will contribute to raising and the development of trade between the Gulf states. "
In turn, the UAE has completed the establishment of parts of the national rail projects, and will begin in the establishment of the GCC Railway iron project, while signed all of the State of Qatar and Oman advisory contracts for the preparation of engineering designs for the project huge Gulf.
The GCC countries are planning to start the actual operation of the train project of the Gulf in 2018, a total cost of $ 15.4 billion, as has been planned to be to train a large role in the exchange of goods and transport between the GCC countries.
The project will be implemented Kqtar of diesel passenger train speed of 200 kilometers per hour, while the speed of a train of goods does not exceed 100 kilometers per hour.
The length of the train project Cooperation Council (GCC) about two thousand and 177 kilometers, connects Muscat south Kuwait to the north, passing through the UAE, Saudi Arabia and Qatar on the one hand Saudi Salwa border center and Bahrain adjacent to the Saudi bridge the new Bahrain, which starts from Half Moon Beach.
The railway line in Saudi Arabia along the 663 kilometers of Batha and south through the Salwa Uqair, Dammam, Jubail and Ras Al-Khair and the north end of Khafji.
Observers say that the GCC rail link project represents an important opportunity for economic recovery prospective in which the private sector plays a pivotal role.
Gulf Arab officials estimated the size of the financial investment that will be pumped a number of Gulf areas after the completion of the Gulf railway project, estimated at $ 250 billion over the next ten years