Allawi threatens to quit the government with the loss of all their posts

First Published: 2015-12-10
National coalition threats come against the backdrop of the dismissal of the Minister of Commerce and set Mlas Abdul Karim Mohammed Sudanese minister by proxy.

No positions now to block Allawi

BAGHDAD - A slab of "national" coalition, led by former Vice-President Iyad Allawi Wednesday officially withdraw from the government of Prime Minister Haider al-Abadi, after the loss of all positions within the coalition government as well as the position of vice president, which was occupied by its leader.

Abadi was sacked Minister of Commerce Mohammad Abdul Karim Mlas belonging to the national coalition, last week and the appointment of the Minister of Labour and Social Affairs Mohammad Sudanese substitute him by proxy.

The official spokesman for the Coalition Zia rhomboid Wednesday evening that "the ongoing meetings of the Iraqi National Accord Movement and the coalition and there is privacy to discuss the dismissal decision which he sees all the members of the coalition decision lacks flexibility and accuracy."

He added that "the decision has not been with the knowledge of the coalition has not been consulted and if the decision is related to the case filed against the minister indicators are all about positive attitude is unreasonable appointment of a Minister acting with the presence of the Minister of authentic".

Rhomboid He explained that "the political agreement which formalized the Iraqi government to grant the two ministries and the presidency of one of the security services in addition to an independent body or bodies, but that did not happen and all our positions are non-existent, including the position of vice president."

On the other hand, he said deputy in the Iraqi National Alliance, the coalition does not want to take the right of a national coalition will wait presented an alternative candidate to the former minister to be appointed in accordance with the constitutional and legal contexts.

Said Mohammed fact that the MP for the coalition Wednesday that "the existing agreement is that the Ministry of Commerce rest of the national share of them to nominate acceptable to people of other blocks and we are waiting for the candidate to be presented to the House of Representatives and vote on it directly and must be taken into consideration his personality and attributes to not fall into the same error that occurred the coalition during the selection of the former minister. "

In the event of withdrawal from the national coalition government Abadi will be the first coalition offers on the move since the formation of the government in the month of August / August last year.