Hakim: talks "good" between Baghdad and Ankara

BAGHDAD / News Network Iraq, said the representative of Iraq to the United Nations, that the negotiations between Iraq and Turkey on the withdrawal of Turkish troops from Mosul take place in a "good". He said Mohammed Ali al-Hakim, in a press statement today: that negotiations between Baghdad and Ankara on the entry of Turkish army Iraq's territory "very good". "It helps us direct bilateral talks now taking place, between Baghdad and Ankara, which is going well."

He noted that "the parties have not Atrha, discussions at the Security Council level of the United Owalomm," adding that "the side Iraq hopes to withdraw Turkish troops ". Since the days, The number of its members according to military sources between 800. military 900. and raised the entry of these forces the ire of the Iraqi government, which strongly called for Ankara to be withdrawn immediately and given 48-hour deadline expired yesterday, as a violation of national sovereignty, salinity to resort to the UN Security Council and even the military option, while Turkey has maintained the presence of these forces being as she is in agreement with Baghdad.

The Council of Ministers has authorized its meeting yesterday, Prime Minister Haider al-Abadi "take steps and measures it deems appropriate on bypass Turkish troops on the Iraqi border and violated national sovereignty. "While expressing Turkish Prime Minister Ahmet Davutoglu Tuesday, his desire to visit Baghdad" as soon as possible "to calm and resolve the dispute with them in this regard, at the time foreign minister, he said births Jawish Davutoglu said his country" stopped sending troops to northern Iraq, Mosul in time for now, but they will not pull out of soldiers already there. "But Washington has tightened and in the words of Foreign Minister on the need for Turkey to take the ear full from Baghdad to send any troops to Iraq," noting that "we have seen from Click signs that it is ready to review its decisions In this regard, this is the right response.