Secretariat of the Cabinet of Ministers decided Almrhqin salaries Exchange

The leaked document revealed reached a copy of it for a number of media, including tow for the issuance of the General Secretariat of the Council of Ministers decision to Almrhqin regardless salaries of ministers and office canceled retroactively. Under the book on the need for the salaries of ministers of human rights, science and technology, the environment and municipalities, tourism, women and Provincial Affairs and the House of Representatives and Minister of State exchange since Anevkakem for their ministries, last August, and holds the viewpoint of the Legal Department of the Council of Ministers, and makes it imperative for financial full payment of their salaries.

According to the book, those ministers will take every one of them more than 70 million dinars, without a ministerial portfolio as receivables parallel to the salaries of government ministers in the past four months in addition to the current month This comes after the confirmation of the Ministry of Finance Legal Department not need the country's budget to the withheld funds from the ministers and staff building on the reforms issued by Abadi items without legal packs. Also, issued by the legal department of the Council of Ministers legal opinion also would apply to agents and general managers who have been relieved of office in the midst of reforms issued by al-Abadi, including Vice-Secretary General of the Council of Ministers packages. The Prime Minister Haider al-Abadi, issued earlier, a package of reforms, including reducing the number of ministries and merge them with the Ministries close to its jurisdiction.