Russian missiles to prevent the Kurds from the House of Representatives to attend the parliament session

MP for the Kurdistan Alliance bloc Secretary Baker, on Wednesday, the House of Representatives that the Kurds would not attend the parliament session today because of the Russian missiles with Iraqi atmosphere.

He said Baker's / scales News /, "The Congress of the Kurdistan Alliance will not be able to attend the House of Representatives 42nd session, which will hopefully be held today because of air traffic at airports in Erbil and Sulaymaniyah stopped, because of Russian addressed to Syria, which pass through Iraqi airspace against al Daash terrorist missiles ".

MP for the Kurdistan Alliance bloc said that "these missiles could have civil aircraft endanger so stopped the civil aviation authority of passenger transport."
The "House of Representatives session 42 was supposed to be held on Tuesday, but due to lack of quorum postponed to Wednesday." The Civil Aviation Authority suspended flights at airports in Sulaimaniyah and Arbil on a temporary basis as a result of the passage because of Russian missiles towards Syria through Iraqi airspace.

And cause stop flights in Erbil and companies operating the material losses estimated at $ 322 thousand per day Airport.
The Director of Erbil airport Teilhard super "We have no military information does not know whether Russian missiles pose a threat or not," .