The importance of small cash trading currencies .. but !!

​All peoples of the world are dealing small national monetary currency and its prestige, respect and prestige among citizens as we had in the fifties of the last century where the youngest national currency we have is penny and Filsin and four fils called (Ana), as well as ten fils Twenty fils and called (Quran) as well as the fifty fils and called (DRAM) and coin percent fils coin 250 fils and is in the form of coins and the citizens happy dealing out and high esteem, especially among the poor and the middle classes until there was a special pocket in each pants too small a dedicated small metal currency of course was the currency of 100 fils and there dinar onwards one of a few trading because the materials were being sold at very cheap prices and Love citizens abundance of these small coins had their hobby collected and boasting was a penny paper currencies, a national currency mentioned in proverbs and sayings and governance smaller and after the major disaster began !! Where small coins began to fade little by little, and some of them have been canceled, to be replaced by high amounts of currencies and all of this happened on the absence of time and another currency exposed to death !! Without mercy is the currency of the fifty dinars, a paper currency and this death was buried last small national currency and we started to live at the mercy of the big currencies of large !! categories
and we of the same this place before more than seven years we called back to handle small national currencies starting from the (penny), but where the sword inflation sharply and influential and saying Sometimes conditions.

Since the giant a decision such as the decision to return to the re-use of small coins is an economic decision and needs to be objective conditions for its application and without these conditions will be a great imbalance in the economic process happens is able to control the outcome.

***And now you hear every year or every two years, the need to raise zeros from the national currency, which is an introduction to return to handle small cash currency Yes, this is great news for realizing the dream of the people to return to dealing small cash currency but the problem is that the current objective conditions nor even the foreseeable future and the immediate application of the project to delete the zeros and even knows The first rows students in all the world colleges that every economic decision is applied needs to be availability of an integrated objective conditions for the purpose of success and these conditions are not available now.***

There is a very simple and intuitive observations which relate to currency as well as some questions rejects those specialized answered does this mean in the case of deletion of zeros from currency and problems will continue to specialized authorities to refuse to answer solved because the simple and very simple answer to no one offers them how you will answer the difficult questions in addition to the current fiscal authorities refuse to apply the laws of the problems.