Iraqi budget deficit increase to 24 trillion dinars

Parliamentary Finance Committee announced a high deficit in the budget bill to more than 24 trillion dinars after the government amendments in the draft of the new year.
A member of the committee MP Jabbar al-Abadi told the National Iraqi News / Nina / An'altadelat government came to the Finance Committee yesterday, and embarked studied and discussed for the preparation of the final report during the current and next two weeks before the vote by the later end of the month '.
He An'aovernmh reduced public spending to the overall budget as non-oil revenues reduced to Alastosmarah'.waodh projects account An'almsudh initial budget for the new year allocated about 29 trillion dinars for the expenses of the investment but after a government reshuffle reduced to 25 trillion dinars, and at the same time has increased operating expenses '. He said the 'deficit increased rate pressure came across non-oil revenues / taxes, fees and customs / calculated on the basis of which 13 trillion dinars before being re-calculated to reach about 11 trillion dinars. "
He An'hnak priorities to support some sectors of the general budget, which will be subject to amendment and debate which is the popular crowd and displaced persons and the province of Basra '.
He pointed out that 'parliamentary committee has an ongoing daily meetings with the ministries of trade, defense, interior and others'.
And on the employees' salaries, among that 'There are no change in the salary scale except for the previous amendments that lowered the grades 1-2-3 simple rates in return for lifting the lower rungs of the tenth Sauda'.utaba that' staff salaries and allowances will remain as they are, will be either the reduction of expenses Other ongoing '.