Federal Minister of Planning: naming six teams to translate the policies of sustainable development and poverty eradication


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SMT Ministry of Planning and six specialized teams to translate sustainable development policies in a federal Iraq, and the eradication of poverty, stressing the need to achieve development dimensions of economic, social and environmental nearly three balanced and integrated.
He quoted the minister Salman Jumaili, presided over the second meeting of the Supreme National Commission for Sustainable Development in a federal Iraq, saying that the whole world to develop a plan from now until 2030 to eradicate poverty, blessed the efforts of the High Commission on Sustainable Development which constitute a new start for the translation of the universal principles of development Sustainable endorsed by the United Nations include 17 goals and 169, all of which are very goals and objectives are indivisible and which will take effect from early next year, in 2016 carried out over 15 years. "
He explained Jumaili The task is not easy but it is a big task and requires great efforts in order to determine development priorities, calling for the involvement of civil society organizations in the planning process for sustainable development in three dimensions.